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VPI Signature DS Turntable

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CONDITION: VPI Signature DS Turntable

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VPI Signature DS
The first star of this lineup is our brand-new Signature DS!  The Signature DS takes the best aspects of our Signature 21 and trickles down the performance in a more affordable package. Standard with a Gimbal 3D arm, HW-40 isolation feet, Double Stacked chassis with a metal dampening plate.
VPI Prime Gimbal 10-3D
Bearing Type: Full Gimbal Bearing
Internal Wire: VPI Copper weave

Pivot to spindle: 258 mm
Effective length: 273.4 mm
Effective mass: 10.2g.
Overhang: 15.4 mm
Offset angle: 19.98 degrees
Average RMS distortion: 0.31%

Material: 3D Technology Consisting of but not limited to Epoxy resin and Delrin materials, copper, aluminum and steel 

Product Notes: Adjustable Counterweight, Azimuth side weights, VTA, and Limo Connection

Technical Specifications


Chassis Composition: Vinyl Wrapped MDF and Steel

Platter Type & Size: 12" Aluminum, 20lbs

Tonearm Included: JMW-10-3D Tonearm

Motor RPM: 300 RPM

Motor Pulley Accuracy: +/- .0005"

Wow and Flutter: .05%

Speed Accuracy: .05%

Rumble: 80 db Down

 Footprint: 19 ½" x 13 ¾"

Overall Size: 21 ⅜" x 15 ¾"

Total Weight: 44lbs