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VPI - Avenger Plus Turntable

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Enhancing the pioneering VPI Avenger turntable that took company founder Harry Weisfeld 12 years to perfect, the U.S.A.-made Avenger Plus turntable adds a Weisfeld Signature Rim Drive motor assembly for the 300RPM 24-pole AC synchronous motor, a VPI Analog Drive System (ADS), a 12-inch JMW 12-3DR tonearm equipped with Nordost Reference wire, and a VPI Periphery Ring Clamp for warp reduction to its already formidable arsenal. In addition to playing back vinyl LPs with are-you-kidding-me sound, operating with a practically unnoticeable noise floor, and touting a 20-pound aluminum platter with an incredible accuracy of +/- .001 inch, Avenger Plus is the last word in analog versatility in that it allows you to mount up to three tonearms of any make and size

A mechanical work of art, Avenger Plus' championship-caliber chassis comprises three layers of bonded acrylic/aluminum/acrylic with damping material between layers – all locked in by three isolation stainless-steel corner posts, three bolts, and a massive bearing assembly with a hardened stainless-steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome-hardened bat, and PEEK thrust disc. The stainless-steel corner posts that hold the tonearms feature adjustable machined knobs, giving you the ability to easily raise and lower the height to level the 'table. Avenger Plus' fully adjustable arm boards are made from 5/5" 6061 aluminum for superb rigidity and grounding. A VTA on-the-fly tonearm base, stainless-steel record weight, and Classic Signature feet also come standard.

Better still, Avenger Plus' built-in upgradeability is limited only by your imagination. You can add an Avenger Reference Magnetic Drive, Avenger Reference Feet, additional JMW tonearms, and additional arm boards for third-party tonearms when inspiration strikes you. Whether you view the 77-pound Avenger Plus as the adult equivalent of an advanced Erector set or just see it as the coolest 'table around, just know its fidelity will permanently change how you think about how realistic, dynamic, focused, present, and impactful recorded music can sound.

Technical Specifications

Wow and flutter: .03%
Speed Accuracy: .04%
Rumble: 82db Down
Overall Dimensions: 27" x 23" x 13"
Footprint: 23" x 20"
Total Weight: 77-Lbs