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TEAC Audio CG-10M Master Clock Generator

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Precision pulses breathe new life into Digital Audio. A new master clock generator for the Hi-Res era.



Compatible with the Reference 500 & 700 series. Such as the UD-701, UD-505, UD-505X, NT-505, NT-505X, and the older TEAC UD-503 and NT-503


Features at a glance

  • High-precision "TEAC Reference OCXO" – an ‘oven-controlled’ crystal oscillator
  • ±3 ppb frequency temperature characteristics
  • ±0.1 ppm frequency precision
  • 4 x 10MHz clock output connectors (gold-plated BNCs)
  • Completely independent and isolated circuit
  • High capacity toroidal-core power transformer
  • An iconic OVEN STATUS gauge for oscillation stability monitor
  • Dimmable backlight color matching with the Reference 505 amplifiers
  • Patent-registered ‘Pin-Point’ feet to minimise vibrations*
  • Three feet for the perfect support
  • Full-metal body to eliminate incoming electromagnetic noise
  • Detachable 3-pole IEC power socket
  • Compliant with RoHS
  • New Reference OCXO – an Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator

    TEAC CG-10M-A Reference OCXO

    Since temperature has a huge effect on accuracy of the crystal oscillator, minimising temperature changes and maintaining it at an ideal level are extremely important in order to generate an accurate clock signal. The CG-10M employs an innovative oven-controlled crystal oscillator, the TEAC Reference OCXO to reduce oscillation frequency fluctuations caused by temperature changes.

    A class-leading ultra high-precision clock

    Thanks to the TEAC Reference OCXO, the CG-10M delivers an ultra high-precision 10MHz clock signal – within ±3 ppb of frequency temperature characteristics and within ±0.1 ppm of frequency precision – to USB DACs and digital players. A unique laser-engraved serial number and the TEAC Reference OCXO logo on every OCXC case is proof of the rigorous quality inspection undertaken during the manufacturing process.
    ppm=10-6, ppb=10-9
    Frequency temperature characteristics: A value of frequency fluctuation caused by temperature change
    Frequency precision: An actual frequency range

    Four BNC clock output connectors

    TEAC CG-10M-A Clock Output connectors

    Four gold-plated BNC connectors (50 ohms) are provided to deliver clock signals to multiple devices. Up to four devices that support a 10MHz input may be connected simultaneously, including USB DACs, network players and SA-CD players.

    Independent and isolated circuit design

    TEAC CG-10M Circuit Design

    Each circuit in the CG-10M – from the power supply section to the buffer-amp at the output stage, – is completely isolated to prevent cross-interference when multiple devices are connected to the BNC connectors. By incorporating a buffer-amp into each circuit, no degradation of the signal waveform occurs when the generated clock signal is shared by several devices.

    Oven Status Gauge for clock stability monitoring

    TEAC CG-10M Clock Monitoring

    The OVEN STATUS analogue gauge located in the middle of the unit, a TEAC trademark in recent years, shows the stability of the crystal oscillator when in use. As the temperature of the oven that contains the crystal oscillator reaches to the ideal temperature for accurate clock generation, power consumption of the oven decreases and the gauge points to zero, signaling to the user that the digital processing on the connected device is now controlled by an extremely accurate 10MHz clock signal. The gauge is a backlit-type with a dimmer control (including the ability to completely switch the backlight off). * The oscillator is usually stable about 2 minutes after the power is turned on. However, at least 10 minutes are necessary for the clock to reach an ideal condition.

    Toroidal-core power transformer

    TEAC CG-10M Transformer

    A high-capacity, toroidal-core power transformer constantly supplies a constant, stable current that contributes greatly to the efficacy of the crucial clock generation and its subsequent high-precision output.

    Three-position, patented ‘Pin-Point’ feet for perfect stability

    TEAC CG-10M Pin point Feet

    The CG-10M employs TEAC's patented ‘Pin-Point’ feet. These ingeniously comprises two separated metal sections in a in an integrated housing. One is has a spiked top and is attached to the bottom of the chassis, the other is a basin-shaped base that hangs down from the spiked section with a flange-shaped cup to simply installation. Three ‘Pin-Point’ foot are used for support, two at the front and one at the rear, for excellent stability, even on an uneven floor. As a result, the three ‘Pin-Point’ feet help improve the accuracy of clock oscillation by minimising vibrations and resonance. This, in turn, reduces mid and low frequency muddiness, improves the soundstage and enhances fine sound detail. * Japan patent No. 4075477 and No. 3778108