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Shunyata Research Denali 6000/T v2 power conditioner

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The Denali 6000/T v2 is packed with updated v3 filtering, larger versions of Shunyata’s patented QR/BB technology and NIC (Noise Isolation Chambers). CGS Ground noise filtering minimizes ground noise.  As always, the integral three-stage Trident Defense System provides optimum protection from spikes and surges. Even the Denali 6000/T v2’s heavy, integrated stand provides massive isolation from floor borne vibration. Patented technologies from within the Denali 6000/Tower are now applied within critical medical and studio, mastering and film applications world-wide
Shunyata - Denali 6000/T v2 Power Conditioner & Sigma XC
Eliminate the noise, distortion, haze, and resistance that negatively impact listening — and get reference-grade power delivery and surge protection — with the Shunyata Hydra Denali D6000/T v2 power conditioner. Enhanced with v3 filtering and Dynamic Transient Current Delivery (DTCD) peak-current performance, this U.S.A.-made six-outlet component will better perfect your listening experience by ensuring you hear more information, nuance, detail, presence, immediacy, clarity, and tonality from your music. Its pyramid-like shape and 17.75 x 7.75 x 17.25-inch (HWD) size mean it doesn’t require any shelf space.

Engineered to deliver unlimited power – enough to supply power to entire systems, including high-demand amplifiers – D6000/T v2 has six isolated zones that eliminate cross-talk between the outlets. Its technology feature set includes a non-limiting hydraulic electromagnetic breaker and thick, 8- and 10-gauge internal wiring. Cutting-edge noise-reduction abilities come via patented Noise Isolation Chambers that reduce frequency interference as well as the patented QR/BB module, which eliminates the dynamic compression that results when amplifiers are connected to a power conditioner and  improves the dynamic range In layman’s terms, consider it a super-charger for amps, preamps, DACs, and disc players. Component-to-Component Isolation (CCI) filters developed for medical-imaging applications isolate one component from another, giving you black backgrounds and deep, wide soundstages.
Shunyata’s own vibration isolation system — which employs sub-miniature accelerometers that measure the effects of floor and airborne sound waves — is part of the SSF-50 footers, outlet gaskets, and chassis dampeners found on D6000/T v2. The dampened steel and aluminum chassis extends this practice, as does the proprietary Chassis Ground System (CGS) that reduces ground-plane noise. All of the terminals and wires are also cold- and sonic-welded, methods that protect against degradation.  To top it off, each D6000/T v2 is treated with a proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process to reduce burn-in time and augment the sonics.
If you've invested in a high-end system, you need clean and continuous power to reap the rewards you deserve. D6000/T v2 serves this role and more.
QR/BB Technology
The QR/BB module possesses the ability to act as an electric charge reservoir, meaning it stores and releases energy in a manner that improves a component’s access to instantaneous current. Dynamics are actually improved reducing any sense of dynamic strain often heard from amplifiers that are connected with lesser power cables. The sonic result is a lifelike presentation of timing and dynamic contrasts in sound that cannot be replicated by ANY other means.  In layman’s terms, it acts like a super-charger for amplifiers, pre-amps, DACs and CD players.
CCI Noise Reduction 
Traditional power conditioners are designed to block incoming noise from outside the home, but do not address the noise that is generated by the electronic components themselves. In fact, most conditioners reflect noise back into other components connected to the power conditioner. CCI (Component-to-Component Isolation) is one of the most significant but often overlooked aspects to power system performance. The CCI filter consists of a proprietary multi-stage filter that reduces electrical noise and interference generated by a component’s power supply.
ArNi Conductors
Shunyata Research ArNi conductors are designed to be the finest-quality wire available for power and audio purposes. They start life using the highest purity copper available – OFE C10100 (or Ohno single crystal). Then they are formed into “virtual hollow tubes” called VTX.  The core of the conductor is completely hollow, forcing the current to only travel through the periphery of the conductor, thereby eliminating skin effects and random eddy currents.
Monolithic Construction
Long-term exposure to air can oxidize and corrode wiring and sensitive electronic components. All of the filters, PCBs, connections, and internal wiring are contained within a monolithic enclosure and then potted with ceramic materials that hermetically seal the contents. This protects the circuits and wiring from humidity and oxidation, and eliminates internal vibration between components. This unique construction methodology delivers exceptional and consistent performance that will not degrade over time.
Electromagnetic Breaker
Over-current protection is a requirement for high-current audio power distributors. The vast majority of manufacturers use an inexpensive thermal fuse or breaker. Both are specifically designed to heat up as the current level rises. This causes voltage drops, increased contact impedance, thermal noise, excessive heat generation and current limiting effects. There is a better solution: the hydraulic electromagnetic breaker that utilizes low-impedance relays and a sensing coil that reads the current level without heating up or limiting current. They can operate right up the to the maximum current level without heating up or limiting instantaneous current.