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Screen Innovations Zero Edge® Pro Fixed-frame projector screen with ultra-thin frame, Black Diamond® dark gray material

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Screen Innovations' Black Diamond screen material has seven advanced optical coatings that work together to reject up to 85% of ambient light. You can enjoy a vivid, colorful picture in any room, not just a pitch-black basement.

Compared to a typical matte white screen, Black Diamond increases contrast by 900%. Black Diamond's light-rejection capabilities also help preserve the projector's color accuracy, because ambient light from the room can be affected by things like wall color. Black Diamond also scatters less of the projector's light as it's reflected back toward viewers, so that images retain the full sharpness of the projector and source material.

When Screen Innovations visited Crutchfield, the trainer demonstrated this feature by shining a laser pointer on several different screen materials. The Black Diamond material definitely displayed the sharpest dot from the pointer.

The Zero Edge frame turns a screen into a visual statement

The Zero Edge screen's frame has an ultra-slim 1/2" bezel that makes the screen appear to float in mid-air.