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Rogue Audio DragoN Power Amplifier

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CONDITION: Rogue Audio DragoN Power Amplifier

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Rogue Audio is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new DragoN power amplifier. The DragoN has been designed around the Hypex NCore NC500 amplifier module (hence the capital N in DragoN) and replaces the formidable Medusa. The unique circuit design is based on our proprietary TubeD technology which integrates the tube input stage into the Hypex output stage to provide outstanding tube sound yet with a remarkable 300Watts of power. And with its cool operation and no regular tube maintenance, the DragoN is an exceptionally versatile amplifier that can be used in virtually any high end application. Microprocessor controlled, the DragoN features smart turn-on sequencing as well as sophisticated protection circuitry to detect overcurrent, a short circuit, and DC at the output.

Rogue Audio Dragon

output power

300 WPC 8 ohm

500WPC 4 ohm

frequency response

5Hz – 30 kHz  ± 1dB


< 0.1% typ, < 1% at rated power

input sensitivity

1.0 V RMS


18” W x 15” D x 5.5” H


36 pounds (25 Kg)

shipping weight

42 lbs (27 Kg)

power requirements

115/230V - 50/60Hz