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Revel PerformaBe F328Be

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Revel PerformaBe F328Be

The Revel F328Be is the flagship floorstanding loudspeaker from our award-winning PerformaBe series. The F328Be includes a 1-inch (25mm) beryllium tweeter driven by massive 85mm dual ceramic magnets. The powerful all-new tweeter and 6th-generation ceramic-coated, cast-aluminum Acoustic Lens waveguide seamlessly integrate with the directivity of the companion midrange driver resulting in greater efficiency, improved dynamic range, reduced distortion, and increased power handling compared to aluminum or titanium tweeters.

Tower of power

Revel's top PerformaBe Series tower, the F328Be, has arrived. An additional 8" woofer and increased cabinet height and volume give this mammoth floor-stander an advantage over its sibling, the F228BE, in sheer output and bass depth.

Its three 8" woofers, one 5-1/4" midrange driver, and signature beryllium tweeter are housed in a beautiful cabinet with thick walls and vibration-reducing internal bracing. This monolithic loudspeaker will render a transparent and detailed soundstage that is virtually distortion-free. 

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Exceptional dynamic range

This is a sensitive speaker that can faithfully reproduce every detail of a musical recording, at high or low volume. The F328Be can play whisper-quiet passages with subtlety and nuance. But it can also belt out super-charged beats and high-energy guitar or sax solos with zeal.  

The magic all starts with the beryllium tweeter

From top to bottom, the F328Be delivers powerful and articulate sound

One of the secrets to the F328Be's great sound is its uniquely designed beryllium tweeter. 

Beryllium is several times stiffer than aluminum or titanium tweeter diaphragms. And it's also super-lightweight, so it moves quickly and in a very controlled fashion — two key attributes of a high-quality tweeter. 

An acoustic lens waveguide for great sound in every seat

One of the best attributes of the F328Be is its off-axis listening. The beryllium tweeter uses an acoustic lens waveguide, which helps it produce remarkably accurate sound, even if you're sitting off to the side of the "sweet spot."

When you invite friends over to listen to these beautiful speakers (and trust me, you'll want to), everyone in the room will enjoy terrific sound.

Impressively hard-hitting bass and accurate midrange

Revel paired its beryllium tweeter with three 8" Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) aluminum cone woofers for deep, tightly controlled bass. A dedicated 5-1/4" DCC midrange driver bridges this speaker's lows and highs with smooth, well-blended sound.

Protected investment

Each F328Be ships in its own heavy-duty flight case with butterfly latches and wheels, so you can unbox it in place and transport it safely. Good thing — each speaker weighs just north of 112 pounds.

Tested by instrument and by ear

Revel's world-class speaker design and testing facility features an anechoic chamber and the latest high-tech measurement gear. But some of their most critical test instruments are the ears of their trained listening panel. When working on a new design, Revel's engineers set up a series of controlled auditions comparing their design to several competing speakers.

Speakers under comparison sit on a rotating platform, and each model is moved into the identical position by a computer-controlled belt drive system. An acoustically transparent screen hides the speakers from the listeners to avoid visual bias. These double-blind listening tests provide an essential reality check, and help the engineers correlate measurements with what listeners actually hear and prefer.


Product highlights:

  • 3-way design
  • 1" beryllium dome tweeter with proprietary acoustic lens waveguide for consistent dispersion over a wide listening area
  • three 8" Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) aluminum cone woofers with cast frames for reduced resonance
  • 5-1/4" DCC midrange driver
  • advanced high-order crossover optimizes timbre accuracy both on-axis and throughout the room
  • cabinet has thick walls and extensive internal bracing to reduce vibration
  • bass-reflex (ported) cabinet with dual rear-firing ports
    • includes foam port plugs for adjusting the speaker's low-frequency performance
  • frequency response: 26-40,000 Hz (-6dB)
  • sensitivity: 91 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • recommended amplifier power: 50-300 watts
  • two pairs of gold-plated binding post speaker terminals for bi-amping or bi-wiring
  • high-gloss black finish
  • top panel is painted a stylish metallic black with raised electroform badging
  • removable grille attaches magnetically
  • each speaker ships in a heavy-duty flight case with butterfly latches and wheels
  • 13-1/2"W x 50-15/16"H x 17-5/8"D
  • weight: 112.6 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years