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Revel Performa3 B112v2

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A refined and subtle beast
This subwoofer provides foundation-shaking bass with a 12" front-firing woofer and monstrous 1,000-watt RMS amplifier. While it pumps out incredible "oomph," what makes the B112v2 special is its ability to produce lifelike bass at any volume. Whether it's whisper-quiet effects or the tireless hammer of drums in the deep, this subwoofer does it all — making it a solid addition to any high-end stereo or home theater system.
Revel Performa3 B112v2 subwoofer (High-Gloss Walnut)

The B112v2 delivers thunderous, dynamic bass with an attention to detail (pictured in High-Gloss Walnut).

Next generation
The original B112 was an elite sub with outstanding bass performance. The B112v2 carries on that tradition, evolving the Revel lineup with updated acoustic engineering and simplified sound controls.
An improved woofer has 82% more excursion than the previous model. Everything from the sub's double-stacked magnets to the fully vented frame of the woofer is expertly crafted to decrease distortion and coloration. The robust parametric EQ is also now onboard instead of software-based, letting you make manual adjustments in real-time. This makes it easier for you get your settings just right for the room.
Musical bass
The sound of an artist plucking a cello with their fingers is unmistakable in-person, but accurately reproducing that sound requires finesse and control most subwoofers just don't have. The B112v2 is designed to do just that, bringing impressive clarity and fine detail to low frequencies.
This level of musicality is possible because Revel ensures the high-fidelity performance of their equipment by putting it to the test, literally. Controlled auditions with a trained listening panel compare their design with competing models. Speakers are placed on a rotational platform that makes sure each unit is placed in an identical position behind an acoustically transparent screen. The double-blind test acts as a reality-check, letting Revel's engineers line their measurements up with what listeners are actually experiencing and enjoy.
Product highlights:
  • built-in 1,000-watt RMS Class D amplifier (2,000 watts peak)
  • front-firing 12" woofer with coated paper/pulp cone and vented die-cast aluminum frame
  • sealed (acoustic suspension) enclosure
  • extensive internal bracing helps eliminate vibrations
  • 12-volt trigger input and output for sending a power-on signal to multiple subwoofers
  • advanced on-board parametric EQ system with rear-panel, continuously variable controls for frequency, bandwidth, and EQ level
    • provides up to 10 independent equalization points, each with user-determined frequency
  • balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA line-level) inputs
  • power switch and auto power-on/standby/trigger modes
  • crossover frequency: 50-150 Hz
  • real-wood cabinet with carefully applied high-gloss finish
  • 15-15/16"W x 18-7/16"H x 16-9/16"D
  • weight: 64.8 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years