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Pulse-Eight ProAudio32 DSP Pre-Amp P8-PROAUDIO32

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Pulse-Eight ProAudio32 DSP Pre-Amp P8-PROAUDIO32 123 Description PULSE-EIGHT PROAUDIO32 DSP PRE-AMP The ProAudio32 DSP Pre-Amp Audio Matrix features 80 audio inputs alongside 32 analog outputs and 32 digital outputs, enabling simultaneous audio distribution to multiple zones. Each output zone can be enhanced with built-in features including 5 band equalizer on each zone, adjustable volume and gain settings, subwoofer control, serial and TCP/IP control, lip sync delay and much more. ProAudio has been designed for the custom install AV market, in many cases the need for an audio receiver can be eliminated by using the audio features of the ProAudio™ Series. Features 5 BAND EQUALIZER The ProAudio™ series provides maximum sound control including bass, treble and a 5 band graphic equalizer available for each zone. Audio and tone control is fully adjustable. ADJUSTABLE GAIN CONTROL PER ZONE To balance the different levels of audio coming from different pieces of equipment, each audio input has a full range gain adjustment. SUBWOOFER CONTROL With low pass and high pass filter settings adjustable from 50Hz to 300Hz. ProAudio provides easily adaptable subwoofer control. DOORBELL/PAGING FEATURES The doorbell connections on the reverse of the system provides the ability to connect doorbell/pager inputs to any output zone and to automatically lower the current volume and push through the doorbell/pager signal. This can also be adapted for fire/evacuation messages. VOLUME AND TONE CONTROLS For muted audio or the lowest possible distortion, by mirroring the analog outputs to the digital outputs, you can input and output digital audio, completely bypassing the analog sections. No extra conversions are required and you still have volume, balance, bass, treble and 5 band equalizer controls. STEREO TO MONO DOWNMIX FOR EACH ZONE For hallways, and outdoor speakers, where stereo is not particularly useful, each zone can be mixed from stereo to mono using a variety of different methods. AUTOMATIC AUDIO CONVERSION Whether your audio comes in through the analog inputs, digital coax inputs or digital optical inputs, all inputs can be converted to analog to provide full flexibility. LIP SYNC DELAY When moving audio around, lip sync can often be an issue. Within each ProAudio system, we provide up to 170ms of lip sync delay so that your audio/video matches up. ZONE LINKING Link as many output zones as you wish to create a group of outputs that all automatically switch simultaneously to the same input source. CONFIGURE WITH EASE To simplify the installation process, each ProAudio product has an SDDP ID trigger button that alerts a compatible control system to the product’s presence on the network for easy configuration.