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PrimaLuna EVO 300 Hybrid Tube Integrated Amp

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PrimaLuna EVO 300 Hybrid Tube Integrated Amp

The EVO 300 Hybrid uses same preamp gain stage as the award-winning PrimaLuna EVO 400 Preamplifier, which was designed by Marcel Croese, former chief engineer, Goldmund Switzerland. That means all-tube and dual mono. The only thing we left out was tube rectification because it isn't appropriate for this application.

In More Depth

Combining valve and solid-state amplification in a single chassis to capture their inherent qualities – the effusive fluidity of valves, the power and grip of solid-state – is something audio electronics designers have attempted for decades, to varying degrees of success. The difficulty is in engineering these two different technological forms with their contrasting characteristics to meld to create a seamless sonic whole that genuinely delivers the best of both. Too often, hybrid amps turn out to be less than the sum of their parts – a mismatch, both technically and sonically.

In a hybrid system, the solid-state components may be considered the invaders. Thus, it is essential to choose solid-state components that behave similarly to a tube. MOSFETs, used in the power stages, share similar characteristics to valves, and Jan de Groot, the head of Floyd Design, has created amps with MOSFETs for 26 years.

We combined one of our most successful PrimaLuna pre-stages with a quality MOSFET poweramplifier already designed by our Floyd Design department, matched it for the best sound quality possible and mounted it in one chassis! Et voilà! It’s not like most other HYBRID Integrated Amplifiers on the market. You can SEE that, and you can HEAR that. And we didn’t want to be like the other hybrids in the market. We just wanted to produce the BEST HYBRID possible, and we knew it would become a more expensive unit. After the final fine-tuning and listening tests, we can easily accept and justify that!

Here, the respective expertise of PrimaLuna and Floyd Design, empowered by their close working relationship under common ownership, has enabled the creation of a hybrid amplifier that works in perfect concert from input to output. The result of this fusion of valve and solid-state excellence is an amp that delivers a tremendous dynamic range, deep and broad stereo imaging, smoothly expressive mid and high frequencies, taught and tuneful bass, and fast, punchy control.

Next to what you already know as “standard” for all PrimaLuna products, we highlight the following for this new PrimaLuna “Kid on the Block”:


  • A perfect coupling of valve and solid-state amplification.
  • The preamp stage uses six hand-selected 12AU7 valves (2 x input, 4 x driver) – not a vague nod to valves in the signal path, like most other hybrid amps, but a properly engineered valve stage.
  • The dual-mono solid-state power section incorporates paired JFETs from Linear Systems and specially manufactured MOSFETs, delivering (over) 2 x 100W into 8 ohms.
  • Hardwiring is used extensively throughout the circuit design. Where PCBs are required, these are of the highest quality – 2.4mm thick with 105um gold-plated copper tracks.
  • The valve preamp stage includes two power supplies with separate transformers; the solid-state power stage uses a dedicated 500VA transformer.
  • All power supplies benefit from PrimaLuna’s ‘AC Offset Killer’ circuit, ensuring that DC on the mains never causes the transformers to hum.
  • It incorporates circuit components of the highest quality, sourced from all over the world from manufacturers such as Takman, DuRoch, Nichicon, Alps, Linear Systems, Rubycon and Kemet.
  • The amp comes with six inputs (5x line-level RCA, 1x home cinema bypass). Tape out and Sub out (Mono and Stereo). A fully shielded sub-chassis for the optional PhonoLogue phono stage attaches to the underside of the amp.

Some of you may have thought, “PrimaLuna, what are you doing now?” We understand that reaction, which is why we have done what we can to make this project as successful as possible. Are tube enthusiasts now switching en masse to the hybrid amplifier? We don’t think so. We believe people who have always played with solid-state equipment and have always been curious about tube equipment, but for some reason never took the step, may now take action towards tube equipment. Perhaps an intermediate step? MOSFETS are the solid-state version of the tube…


Power (8 Ohms): 100 watts per channel (0.2% THD)
Power (4 Ohms): 150 watts per channel (0.2% THD)
Inputs: 5x Stereo RCA, Stereo RCA HT Bypass
Outputs: 1 Pair Speaker, RCA Stereo/Mono Subwoofer, Stereo RCA Tape Out, 1/4" Headphone
Freq. Response: 10Hz-80kHz +/- 3dB
Damping Factor: 160
S/N Ratio: -105dbA
Input Sensitivity: 415mV
Input Impedance: 34kΩ
Power Consumption: 99 watts (no signal in), 645 watts @ 4R
Standard Tube Complement: 6 - 12AU7 (2x Input, 4x Driver)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 15.9" x 8.1" x 15.2"
Weight: 68.3lbs