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Nordost Lief Red Dawn3 speaker cables (pair)

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One of most distinctive features Nordost
products possess is the unique, flat
design of the loudspeaker cables. This
design isn’t just about standing out; it’s a
performance-driven solution. Flat cables
sound better.
By adopting a flat geometry, Nordost
decreases capacitance, strand interaction,
and skin effect within speaker cables,
resulting in cleaner, more accurate signal
transmission. Why is this design unique
to Nordost? Simply put, only Nordost has
the technology to successfully produce
ultra-thin, air-tight, durable cables, with
the precision necessary to create a high
quality, flat audio cable.
Nordost’s Leif 3 Loudspeaker Cables are
constructed using silver-plated, solid core
OFC conductors which have undergone an
intricate FEP extrusion process to elevate
the dielectric properties of the cables.
They are then finished using a specialized
termination method with gold-plated
z-plug banana or spade connectors. Leif 3
Loudspeaker cables increase the drive and
dynamic realism of sonic reproduction,
gaining a new level of musicality in your
sound system.

Dây Tín Hiệu Nordost RED DAWN 3 | Bá Hùng Audio - Chuyên thiết bị âm thanh  đẹp, tuyển chọn - Amply - Pre Pow - Loa - Đầu CD

Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene
Propylene (FEP)
Conductors: 22 x 24 AWG
Material: Silver-plated 99.9999% solidcore OFC
Termination: Gold-plated Spade or
Z-plug Banana