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Nordost Red Dawn LS Speaker Cable

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CONDITION: Nordost Blue Heaven LS Speaker Cable (pair) - New

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Nordost Red Dawn LS

Red Dawn LS - Nordost's original Flatline loudspeaker cable introduced the audio world to both an entirely new level of performance and a unique production technique. Our proprietary, extruded FEP cables, with their thin, flat profile don't just look different - their deceptive simplicity is a uniquely elegant answer to the conflicting requirements for low resistance, capacitance and inductance that limit the performance of more conventional cable configurations. Now, the Red Dawn LS takes the benefits even further. By reducing dielectric effects still further as well as optimizing the physical spacing of the 20 heavy-gauge 12 AWG silver-plated OFC solid-core conductors we have produced a cable capable of phenomenal phase accuracy and detail, speed and dynamic range. From the quietest, most delicate note to the power of a thundering orchestral crescendo or driving rock track, the Red Dawn LS spans the range with effortless grace and deft control, allowing music to seduce when it wants to, or be savage when it must. Sitting at the top of the Leif Series, Red Dawn LS bears comparison with competing cables irrespective of price. As the best, non Micro Mono-Filament speaker cable that we can make, it’s pretty much the best non Micro Mono-Filament speaker cable out there!


Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction: Mechanically tuned spacing
Conductors: 20 x 26 AWG
Material: Silver-plated 99.9999 % solid core OFC
Capacitance: 10.0 pF/ft
Inductance: 0.155 μH/ft
Velocity of Propagation: 95 %
Termination: Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana