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Naim CI-NAP 101 800-watt Mono Power Amplifier

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A Clean, Efficient Mono Power Amp


Searching for an ultra-quiet, ultra-efficient power amplifier with 70-/100-volt compatibility? The Naim CI-NAP 101 should be at the top of your list of prospects. The CI-NAP 101 was tailor-made to complement Focal integrated loudspeakers and subwoofers, plus it can tackle third-party hi-fi speakers and subs with equal aplomb. This rackmountable mono power amp boasts stereo RCA inputs and outputs for trouble-free daisy-chaining, along with dual Euroblock outputs for easy parallel speaker connections. The CI-NAP 101 accommodates both low- and high-impedance setups; its high-impedance outputs sport a selectable highpass filter and are galvanically isolated using toroidal transformers. You also get a music-sensing feature with auto standby and rear-panel Level control. The CI-NAP 101 also includes a universal power supply and a temperature-controlled fan. Here at Sweetwater, we recommend the Naim CI-NAP 101 not only to our Focal 1000 series system customers, but also to anyone with a need for a clean, efficient power amp.

Naim CI-NAP 101 Mono Power Amplifier Features:

  • Tailor-made to complement Focal integrated loudspeakers and subwoofers
  • Perfect for powering a Focal 1000 Series system with 1 x 1000 IWLCR Utopia speaker and 2 x 1000 IWSUB Utopia subs
  • Tackles 3rd-party integrated hi-fi speakers and subwoofers with equal aplomb
  • Stereo RCA inputs and outputs provide trouble-free daisy-chaining
  • Dual Euroblock outputs supply easy parallel speaker connections
  • Accommodates both low- and high-impedance setups
  • High-impedance outputs sport a selectable highpass filter and are galvanically isolated using toroidal transformers
  • Music-sensing feature with auto standby
  • Convenient rear-panel Level control
  • Universal 100V–240V power supply
  • Temperature-controlled fan keeps your system running cool
  • Rackmountable for simple installation

Tech Specs

  • Amp Type:Power Amp with 70V/100V
  • Number of Channels:Single Channel
  • Watts per Channel @ 8 ohms:500W
  • Watts per Channel @ 4 ohms:800W
  • Analog Inputs:1 x Dual RCA Stereo
  • Analog Outputs:1 x Dual RCA Stereo
  • Speaker Outputs:3 x Euroblock
  • 12-volt Trigger:2 x 1/8"
  • Rack Spaces:1U
  • Power Source:Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height:1.75"
  • Width:17.27"
  • Depth:11.75"
  • Weight:19.62 lbs.