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NAD Masters Series M33 Stereo integrated amplifier

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NAD Masters Series M33 Stereo integrated amplifier

In its simplest form, the M33 BluOS™ enabled DAC/amplifier is an ultra-high-performance streaming amplifier with superb audiophile sound. As a BluOS enabled component, the M33 can be combined with other players in a BluOS ecosystem of wirelessly networked music players throughout the home for an outstanding whole-home audio system. With the employment of the new Purifi Eigentakt™ Hybrid Digital amplifier technology, the M33 follows NAD’s long-standing tradition in identifying and developing cutting-edge amplification technology. With a minimum of 200W per channel on tap, the result is lifelike performance, exemplified by ultra-low distortion and noise.
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A versatile and powerful streaming amplifier

The NAD Masters Series M33 has an incredible list of features that make it an ideal centerpiece for a two-channel audiophile sound system. It produces a stable 200 watts per channel into an 8-ohm load or 380 per channel into 4 ohms. That gives you lots of clean power to work with, as well as compatibility with a wide range of speakers. This amp offers plenty of analog and digital inputs for making wired connections, along with multiple wireless music streaming options. And it offers built-in room correction and optional voice control.

A wealth of streaming features

If you like the convenience of wireless streaming, this amp has you covered: Bluesound's proprietary BluOS operating system gives you easy app-based access to popular online streaming services like Spotify®, Qobuz, and more, as well as your personal library of downloaded music, including high-res audio files. You can also enjoy lag-free multi-room wireless music when you add on Bluesound speakers and components for other rooms. Apple® AirPlay® 2 lets you stream directly from an iPhone® or iPad® and ask Siri to play Apple Music.
Two-way Bluetooth means you can play the audio from apps on your mobile device through the M33, or send music from the amp to compatible wireless speakers or headphones.

Convenient connections

For analog music fans, the M33 offers unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs. A built-in phono stage lets vinyl lovers connect a turntable with moving magnet or moving coil cartridge. 
And there are a plethora of handy digital connections on the rear panel, including:
  • dual optical and dual coaxial inputs for connecting a CD player, Blu-ray player, or output from a compatible TV
  • USB Type-A for connecting a thumb drive loaded with music
  • AES/EBU XLR input
  • HDMI ARC for enhancing dialogue, music, and sound effects from a compatible TV
  • Ethernet port for making a wired connection to your network
The back panel features two sets of binding posts for connecting pairs of speakers. If you want extra bass, the M33 includes two mono RCA outputs for connecting powered subwoofers. There's also a headphone jack and analog preamp outputs.

Advanced room correction

The M33 includes Dirac Live — one of the industry's best room-correction platforms. This software-based system uses the included calibration microphone to take precise acoustic measurements of your room, and creates a customized correction curve that fine-tunes the output of your speakers and subwoofers. You get smooth, clear sound that's uniquely tailored to your space. 

Innovative Class D amplifier technology

This amp pushes Class D amplification performance to new limits thanks to HybridDigital Purifi Eigentakt™ technology. It helps the amp maintain even frequency response into lower impedance loads and minimizes the occurrence of digital clipping. This advanced design offers robust power output and accurate sound with minimal distortion, without the excess weight and cost associated with more traditional linear power supplies and Class AB output stages.


    • Rated output power (ref. 20 Hz-20 kHz at rated THD, both channels driven)
    • >200 W into 8 ohms >380 W into 4 ohms
    • Rated output power, Bridge mode (ref. 20 Hz – 20 kHz at rated THD)
    • >700 W into 8 ohms
    • Input sensitivity
    • 865 mV (ref. 200W 8 ohms, Volume maximum)
    • THD (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
    • <0.003 % (1W to 200 W, 8 ohms and 4 ohms)
    • Signal-to-Noise ratio
    • >98 dB (A-weighted, ref. 1 W out in 8 ohms)
      >120 dB (A-weighted, ref. 200 W out in 8 ohms)
    • Clipping power
    • >210 W (0.1 % THD 1 kHz 8 ohms)
    • IHF dynamic power
    • 8 ohms: 260 W
      4 ohms: 520 W
    • Peak output current
    • ≥25 A (in 1 ohm, 1 ms)
    • Damping factor
    • >800 (ref. 8 ohms, 20 Hz to 6.5 kHz)
    • Frequency response
    • ±0.2 dB (20 Hz -20 kHz)
      -3 dB at 60 kHz



  • Input Impedance (r and c)
  • 47kΩ/180pF
  • Input Sensitivity
  • 280mV (ref. 500mV out, Volume Maximum)
  • Maximum input level 20Hz-20Khz
  • 2 Vrms/8 Vrms (low sensitivity mode)
  • Tone Controls
  • Treble: ±6 dB at 10kHz Bass: ±6 dB at 100Hz
  • Max Output Signal
  • 4Vrms (ref. 0.1% THD)


  • Maximum output level
  • 3.9 Vrms (ref. 0.1% THD)
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio
  • >120 dB (A-weighted, ref. 2 V out)
  • Output impedance
  • 100 ohms


  • Maximum output level
  • 1.1 Vrms (ref. 0.1 % THD 100Hz)
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio
  • >102 dB (20 Hz-20 kHz, ref. 1V out)
  • THD+N
  • <0.005 % (refer 1.1 V 20 Hz-200 Hz)
  • Output impedance
  • 680 ohms


  • Input sensitivity
  • MM: 1.2 mV
    MC: 100 µV
  • Input impedance (R and C)
  • MM: 56 kohms/100 pF
    MC: 100 ohms/280 pF
  • Signal to noise ratio (ref. 2 V Preout A-weighted)
  • MM: >92 dB
    MC: >76 dB
  • THD+N (ref 2V Preout 1kHz)
  • MM: <0.003 %
    MC: <0.02 %
  • RIAA response accuracy MM/MC
  • ±0.2 dB 20 Hz -20 kHz


  • Output Impedance
  • 2.2ohms
  • Output power
  • >100 mW/32 ohms



  • Supported audio file format*
  • Supported high- resolution audio file format*
  • Sampling rate
  • up to 192 kHz
  • Bit depths
  • 16 – 24


  • Network connectivity
  • Gigabit Ethernet RJ45
    Wi-Fi 5
  • Supported network file share protocol
  • Server Message Block (SMB)
  • USB
  • 1 x Type-A port for connection to USB memory stick (FAT32 or NTFS formatted) and supported peripherals
  • Bluetooth quality
  • Support for aptX® HD
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Two-Way (Receive and Headphone modes)


  • Supported operating system**
  • Music playback from network shares on the following desktop operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8 to current Windows Operating Systems and macOS versions**
  • Mobile Application
  • Free BluOS Controller App available for download from the respective App stores of Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod), Android devices, Kindle Fire and Windows or macOS desktops
  • Front panel
  • 7-inch full colour touch screen
  • Remote control
  • HTRM 2 remote control



  • Auto Standby ON
  • <0.5W
  • Idle Power
  • <40W


  • Dimensions WxHxD **
  • 435 x 133 x 396 mm (17 1/8 x 5 1/4 x 15 5/8”)
  • Net Weight
  • 9.7kg (21.4lb)