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Musical Fidelity BPC3 power conditioner

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BPC3 - Overview

Not only typical main components like amplifiers, DACs or sources have an impact on sound quality, also the supplied power for each device is a very important puzzle piece to create a high end audio setup. It significantly contributes to the sonic quality of every audio product. In order to offer the possibility of improving sound quality, we designed our BPC (Balanced Power Conditioner) series to take your listening experience to the next level.

General Description

Our BPCs are equipped with multiple output zones. Each zone is capable to deliver a certain output power, which may not be exceeded. The BPC3 has a maximum output of 3A split into two zones with 300 watts each. Typical use of the BPC3 is powering sources like a phono preamplifier, a preamplifier, a CD player, a turntables etc. But it can also feed TV sets and low-powered amplifiers. The biggest advantage of multiple zones is avoiding of differential mode cross cont- amination between connected electronics. We strongly recommend connecting devices with switch mode power supplies in one zone and electronics with linear power supplies in the second one. If the number of power sockets is not sufficient, a power strip can be connected as long as you don‘t exceed the maximum output power of the zone. The use of a BPC results in a larger soundstage, clearer bass contours and a better separation of instruments.

Toroidal transformer

The key to all toroidal transformer advantages is its efficiency and the key of efficiency is the transformers core. The core is a continuous strip of grain oriented silicon steel, wound as a clock spring under tension. There is no air gap, as we know from standard EI transformer, resulting in a stacking factor of 95% of its weight. Typical efficiency figures for toroidal transformer are 90% which means that 90% of the input power is transformed into output power and just 10% are converted into waste like heat, electromagnetic radiation and mechanical vibration. Toroidal transformers therefore radiate about one tenth of the magnetic field of EI transformers. Due to the Common Mode Rejection (CMR) we were also able to eliminate noise and get an even cleaner power.



Surge Protection

Musical Fidelity BPC power conditioners protect connected equipment through their innovative series mode surge suppression that also pays attention to keep the power clean. Most surge suppression circuits are shunt-mode. Excessive voltage surges are „shunted“ to ground, which raises the ground voltage and may contamine audio and video signals. Our design absorbs surges more than 2V above peak line voltage, so ground is not affected.



Overload Protection & Input Voltage Detection

When the device detects an overload, the „No-Fuse-Breaker“ will turn to protection mode. If you need to reset the device, just press the „No-Fuse-Breaker“ and check your system to be sure that the device is not overloaded. All BPCs are equipped with an Under Voltage (UVP) and Over Voltage (OVP) protection. The LEDs on the front panel show the current working status. Green means, that the device is in normal working mode. If the LED is red, check if your input voltage is correct.



BPC3 In Brief

Typically used for digital or analogue source devices or very low powered amps.


  • 4 power outlets & 2 isolated power zones
  • 3A max. rated power output both zones combined
  • 300VA power per zone
  • Output zones allow you to isolate devices with switch mode PSUs from devices with linear PSUs for maximum performance
  • Isolate modern digital sources from analogue sources like phono preamps or turntables for least amount of interference
  • Cleaner power, more dynamics and larger sound stages for your amplifiers
  • Surge protection and DC blocker more than 2V
  • Over voltage and under voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Rigorously tested to comply with highest industry safety standards

Toroidal Transformer

  • Super-silent, low noise, balanced isolating power transformer
  • 600VA / 3A combined peak power
  • Excellent RFI attenuation of more than 57dB

Mechanical construction

  • Superb high-end build quality
  • Massive aluminium frontplate and heavy steel case protect against interference