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MOBILE FIDELITY - MasterDeck Turntable

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MOBILE FIDELITY - MasterDeck Turntable

Reference Playback, Specialist Engineering: U.S.A.-Made Mobile Fidelity Electronics MasterDeck Turntable Features Bespoke Components and Provides Unforgettable Music Experiences 

In an age where integrity, substance, reliability, competence, and American craftsmanship are increasingly in shorter supply, the Mobile Fidelity Electronics MasterDeck turntable stands out not only for its purity, performance, and build — but for what it symbolizes. It is a reminder that music is to be taken seriously and experienced fully, a reason to pause from our busy schedules and retreat from information overload. At heart, MasterDeck is a gateway to the sounds, emotions, memories, and messages that nourish our souls, spur our imaginations, restore our spirit, and make us who we are as individuals. It is also, literally and figuratively, the magnum opus of an engineer who has devoted nearly four decades to high-end analog. 
Created by MoFi Chief Analog Designer Allen Perkins and a team of like-minded enthusiasts, and hand-assembled in a dedicated factory in Michigan, MasterDeck focuses on playback that stays true to what is on the LP — exactly what the artists and producers intended. That’s a boast that in recent years has become commonplace, cited by various manufacturers to promote their products. Yet its originality actually traces back to the narrative and intent surrounding Perkins’ initial Mobile Fidelity Electronics turntables in the mid-2010s, and has its deep roots in the landmark reissues Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been releasing since the 1970s, a majority of which are demarcated by an “Original Master Recording” stripe on the cover that signals that those LPs and SACDs represent the closest you can get to what went down in the studio or on the stage.
As MoFi Electronics’ flagship ’table, MasterDeck adheres to this same concept and subscribes to the notion that, ideally, a turntable should have no sound of its own. To achieve that goal, MasterDeck features a nearly imperceptible noise floor and a seamless blend of parts, materials, principles, and proficiency that come only from acquiring years upon years of in-depth expertise. 
Take the MasterDeck's virtually noiseless motor. Housed in an isolated mount to prevent the possibility of any interference, the three-phase BLDC Sinusoidal design is driven with extreme accuracy (33.3333) and unrelenting consistency. Such precision from this crucial component is essential for the faithful reproduction of the information contained in the grooves of vinyl records, as it impacts everything from correct pitch to balance and tonality. Importantly, MasterDeck's advanced synchronous motor system tests the speed at start-up and remembers it when it hits its desired speed. During playback, it no longer checks or adjusts platter speed, but instead monitors that there is no change with the motor  and that the motor remains locked in and driving the platter at the same frequency it was at when it began its 33, 45, or 78RPM rotation. By synchronizing the DC motor with the speed selection, MasterDeck delivers enthralling experiences that are not only rigorously accurate but free from speed-related distortions.
The perfectionist-minded virtues extend to the 1.75-inch-thick platter, whose unique hybrid composition exemplifies the research and effort Perkins and company invested in every element of MasterDeck. Light, quiet, and offering exceptional damping, a layer of expertly machined Delrin sits atop a layer of aluminum. The latter material offers a heightened level of stability plus more mass, high inertia, low resonance, and a character that makes for a seamless fit for the intricacies of vinyl. Working in concert with the motor and 14.35-pound platter, and heavily contributing to the deck’s remarkable speed and physical stability, an encapsulated Spiral Groove inverted bearing allows the belt to drive at its midpoint and retains its balance at points above and below the point of rotation. This bearing remains practically silent, provides premium reliability, requires no maintenance, and, perhaps most importantly, leads to incredibly smooth rotation when your LPs spin.
For all the benefits afforded by the aforementioned traits, Perkins’ most ingenious development on MasterDeck just might relate to its bespoke 10-inch hybrid gimbal/unipivot tonearm. Outfitted with a carbon-fiber wand and patented Spiral Groove counterweight that keeps the mass close to the pivot and interfaces with a wide range of cartridge weights, it leverages advantages of both gimbal and unipivot designs. Notably, the Master arm has the fast energy transfer related to gimbal types and the controlled performance properties of a unipivot arm. An assortment of exotic bearings rated for functions that demand tens of thousands of RPMs per minute  as well as an interior tube taper that permits a desirable combination of rigidity and damping unattainable with other approaches  gives you a clearer idea of how special this dual-pivot tonearm is, and how well it tracks even complex passages that throw most tonearms off their game. Enhanced with Cardas Audio wiring, the tonearm also allows for effortless adjustments to azimuth, VTA, overhang, and more. 
Relatedly, Perkins devised a removable headshell that does not have  contacts for wires. This technique eliminates the need to add extra contact points to the signal path and gives you previously unseen flexibility when it comes to setup. For instance, you can attach your cartridge anywhere you want (such as by a lamp, or on a desk) and, if you have multiple cartridges, you can have them already pre-attached to different headshells with pre-adjusted overhands. In essence, with MasterDeck, cartridge setup is primarily done via your prior adjustments — in the space and lighting of your choice.
Speaking of cartridges, MasterDeck is available with a preinstalled MoFi UltraGold MC (select option above). Crafted in Japan and voiced by Perkins, UltraGold MC plays with exceptionally wide frequency response, clear high-frequency transients, stunning dynamics, tonal richness, lifelike separation, and vivid detail. A nude Shibata stylus and boron cantilever help account for the palpable low-end reproduction, high transient responsiveness, and robust midrange while its Shibata profile diamond conveys audiophile-grade depth, immersion, and fullness. UltraGold MC's purpose-designed hybrid aluminum extrusion and brass housing minimizes unwanted vibration, and a neodymium magnet and permendur yoke deliver loads of magnetic energy. 
Measuring 6.25 x 15.125 x 24 inches (HWD), the 37.4-pound MasterDeck sports a solid wood frame and essentially floats on four Harmonic Resolution Systems anti-vibration feet. Allowing for 5.5 degrees of freedom, they provide exceptional isolation from both external and internal vibrations. Able to play at 33, 45, and 78RPM, MasterDeck even gives you the option of making subtle speed adjustments via a trim control dial located near the power button. A sleek, four-digit digital readout display shows you even the most incremental modifications. With MasterDeck, you're always in control, and can experiment with as many speed alterations and cartridge varieties as you want.
Available in two beautiful color schemes, MasterDeck comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty and the pride of ownership that accompanies those products that truly make our lives better.