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MBL N51 Integrated Amplifier

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Pre-amplifier and power amplifier built into one chassis – the most popular choice for music lovers

  • UNITY GAIN – improved transparency and resolution, lower noise floor, higher dynamic range
  • LASA 2.0 power amplifier – homogeneous tonal balance throughout frequency range
  • Soft Clipping – goes gently into clipping, never aggressive or distorted
  • Analog toroidal transformer with protective shield
  • 2 x 380 watts (4Ω) power, 28 Amp peak output current

Integrated Amplifier MBL N51

Is it possible? A complete amplifier solution in a compact package? Absolutely. The dapper MBL N51 conceals both a preamplifier and a power amplifier in a single, elegant chassis. A powerful 380 watts per channel lets you take it to the limit – without distortion – thanks to intelligent soft clipping. And that’s only the beginning. Revel in the performance of MBL’s Unity Gain technology, derived from the N11 Preamplifier for maximum dynamics. Indulge your musical tastes with LASA 2.0 for added control when driving complex loudspeaker loads. Proudly showcase the 5-inch high-resolution color display, and command the performance with the stylish backlit remote control featuring a rotary volume control. Aesthetically and functionally, the N51 transports you to a whole new class of emotional listening experience: the Rapture Class.

Cutting-edge Amplifier Technology – LASA 2.0

MBL’s second-generation LASA amplifier (Linear Analog Switching Amplifier) technology combines the best features of traditional Class A and Class AB amplifiers with those of switching amplifiers. LASA delivers the evenly balanced THD curve of Class A operation, stable frequency response even with complex loudspeaker loads of Class A / B circuits, and the high efficiency and low heat radiation of a switching amplifier. The result is a power amplifier circuit that remains completely stable even under very complex, demanding loudspeaker loads. LASA 2.0 is self-governing and always in control – even at high volumes.

Fully Charged – The Power Supply

Three different aspects of an amplifier's power supply are absolutely crucial to the delivery of high quality sound. These include consistent and sufficient power that is always provided, regardless of different speaker loads (especially for high volume output); full protection of the power supply against interference from within or from the amplifier's electronics; and safeguards to ensure its magnetic field does not affect other circuitry.

The N51's answer is a protectively shielded AC mains filter consisting of a massive toroidal transformer that effortlessly charges electrolytic capacitors to ensure a smooth supply of current. Two isolated copper foils within the transformer windings divert mains interference voltages, as well as interference from within. The transformer is encased in a shielded housing made of MU-metal to keep the electromagnetic fields in check and protect the surrounding electronics.

One-step operation – MBL SmartLink

The components of the Noble-Line are in constant communication – and not just via the signal cables. MBL SmartLink is the name of the connection interface, an intelligent communication network for greater ease of use. For example, a single press of the start button on the elegantly designed remote control is all it takes to switch on an entire MBL system and hear your music play…or your movie soundtrack brought to life. Thanks to the switch-on volume setting, which can be adjusted via the on-screen menu, the loudspeakers won't suddenly blast to life because the last user left the volume control on maximum.

Quality through moderation – Unity Gain

Developers of high-end electronics fight for every dynamic decibel with high-quality, selected components and innovative circuit designs. Yet all their hard work can be let down by a single device within a sound system: the preamp. This is where incoming signals are usually amplified by 12 decibels before they are passed on to the power amplifier, a perfectly sensible solution for analog sources such as turntables with equalizer preamplifiers, or transformers, tuners or tape recorders. These devices deliver around 0.5 to 0.75 volts of output voltage, but a power amplifier, in accordance with industry standards, needs 2 volts to mobilize its full power. Digital sources work in a completely different manner, supplying the preamplifier or integrated amplifier with 2 volts. Any further amplification is both unnecessary and harmful as background noise and distortion are amplified to the same extent.

The Unity Gain function in the Noble Line N51 integrated amplifier and N11 preamplifier, ensures that additional, unnecessary amplification does not occur. The volume of the input signal is easily managed via the solid brass knob or remote control, and passes through the signal paths without unnecessary, damaging amplification – providing a measurable and audible gain in dynamics. If a weak music source docks at the inputs, switching via softkeys or remote to a signal path with amplification (more precisely, with 8 instead of the usual 12 decibels) sends sufficiently high output voltages to the output stages. This masterful design ensures that before the amplification is activated, the volume control rotates slightly counter-clockwise as if by magic, or in the other direction when switching to “Unity Gain”. This averts volume jumps, and delivers an expansive sound experience supported by perfect dynamics.

The MBL N51 at a glance

    • Up to 7 source inputs, optional additional balanced in and optional MC phono input
    • 2 x 380 watts output into 4 ohms, 28 amp peak output current
    • Differential amplifier inputs for optimum common-mode rejection
    • Load-independent frequency response
    • Soft Clipping - distorted free, even at very high-volume levels
    • MBL SmartLink: Simple selection of musical sources through the management of all inputs from connected Noble Line devices
    • Individual inputs can be enabled/disabled for quicker source selection
    • Analogue potentiometer with precision stepper motor volume control 
    • Adjustable volume limit at power-on 
    • Backlit remote control with an elegant rotary volume dial 
    • 5” TFT High Resolution color display
    • 1VA true “green” standby

Technical Specifications

Inputs 2 x CD (RCA) 2 x AUX (RCA) 1 x Pass-Through (RCA) 1 x XLR 1 x optional phono 1 x optional 2nd XLR
Outputs 1 x Preamplifier (RCA) 1 x Fixed Out / Record Out (RCA) 2 Pairs of loudspeaker terminals
Other Inputs/Outputs MBL SmartLink SD slot für updating Ground terminal for phono
Ampilifier section MBL LASA 2.0
Music power 2 x 620 W (2 Ω) 2 x 380 W (4 Ω) 2 x 210 W (8 Ω)
Output current Max. 28 ampere
Weight 27 kg / 59.5 Ibs