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MBL N15 Mono Power-Amplifier

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The N15 mono amplifier experience begins with the Art Deco aesthetic inspiration found across the Noble Line family. The most powerful performer in the Noble Line, its compact chassis truly belies its potent capabilities. Boundless reserves of power eager for release await inside the N15, beginning with 560 watts at 4 ohms and 36 amps of peak output current to satisfy the voracious appetite of even the most power-hungry loudspeaker. MBL’s proprietary LASA 2.0 technology delivers a visceral and immersive punch with delicate, enchanting transparency in every musical experience. If pushed to its limits by an overdriven signal, the N15’s Soft Clipping circuitry immediately ensures that harsh, aggressive tones never stand a chance. Like all Noble Line components, the N15 power amplifier features an intelligently designed signal path, guaranteeing vanishing common-mode interference and flawless sound quality. This goes for the entire system, especially if the N11 pre-amplifier controls the signal at the start of the chain, perfectly matching the preamplifier’s output signal to the amplifier’s input. And thanks to MBL SmartLink, the Pre-amplifier and Power Amplifier are able to jointly implement user commands from the remote control. Access to your favorite music is just a button press away.

LASA 2.0 – Cutting edge personified

The second generation LASA amplifier (Linear Analog Switching Amplifier) technology combines the best features of traditional Class A and Class AB amplifiers with those of switching output devices. Listeners can enjoy the homogeneous THD curve of Class A operation; stable frequency response even with complex loudspeaker loads of Class A / B circuits; and the high efficiency and low heat radiation of a class D amplifier. The end result is a power amplifier circuit that is consistently stable, even under complex and demanding loudspeaker loads, and fully in control at high volumes.

Energy in abundance - the power supply

An amplifier’s power supply is key to producing exceptional sound, with three important criteria needed to achieve outstanding results. Sufficient power must always be provided at different loudspeaker loads, even at high volumes. It has to protect itself from interference in the power supply network or the amplifier electronics. And it must not affect other assemblies with its magnetic field. The N15 hits and exceeds all three conditions, first by using a massive toroidal transformer and large-sized sieve and charging electrolytic capacitors that ensure the smooth supply of electricity. Two isolated copper foils in the transformer coils divert mains interference voltages as well as interferers from the inside, and a shielding cup made of Mu-metal above the transformer keeps the electromagnetic fields in check to protect the surrounding electronics. Mission accomplished.

3 x XLR

In addition to the usual mono power amplifier input for connecting to a preamplifier, the N15 boasts an additional balanced input for a second preamplifier, or for the direct connection of a streamer or network player with its own volume control. In this instance you can dispense with the preamplifier if there are no other analog source devices in your hi-fi chain.

The N15 also has a symmetrical pass-through output (XLR) for connecting an additional power amplifier (daisy chain option). This means that two power amplifiers can be used per channel (bi-amping), even if only one cable runs from the preamplifier to the power amplifier, or if the preamplifier has only one output per channel.

The N15 at a glance

  • 560 watts (at 4 Ω)
  • 36 amps peak output current
  • Symmetrical layout for optimal common-mode rejection
  • Soft clipping – gentle transition into the overload range without becoming sonically aggressive or distorted.
  • Massive Analogue toroidal transformer with protective Mu metal shield technology
  • 2 XLR inputs / 1 XLR pass-through (daisy-chain, control of several power amplifiers via one cable connection)
  • 2 pairs of high-quality vibration-damped WBT full copper speaker binding posts for bi-wiring capability

Technical Specifications

Inputs 2 x XLR, balanced
Outputs 1 x XLR, balanced (pass through) 2 Pairs of loudspeaker terminals
Other Inputs/Outputs MBL SmartLink SD slot for updating
Amplifier technology MBL LASA 2.0
Music power 900 W (2 Ω) 560 W (4 Ω) 300 W (8 Ω)
Output current Max. 36 ampere
Weight 32 kg / 70.5 Ibs