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MBL C21 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Audiophiles may argue that the path to aural Nirvana can only be achieved through dedicated separates. But is a pair of 500W C15 monoblocks the only answer? Hardly. The perfect balance in performance is found within MBL’s C21 Stereo Power Amplifier. Like its Cadenza Line siblings, the eye-catching C21 is offered with accents of gold or Palinux. Inside, the C21 never breaks a sweat under duress. With 300 watts powering each channel @ 4 Ohms (120 watts/channel @ 8 Ohms), it’s ready to deliver when the need arises. A glimpse beneath its unpretentious chassis reveals why. The left section of the C21 houses a powerful toroidal transformer, neatly shielded in a Mu-metal capsule. To the right of the signal board is a bristling array of sixteen charging capacitors. The discreetly sized heat sink speaks to the clever engineering behind the intricate circuitry. MBL’s proprietary Linear Analog Switching Amplifier (LASA) technology delivers prodigious amplifier power, minimal thermal loss, and consistently goes about its business with stoic calm – even when managing loudspeakers with challenging, complex loads. The reward for listeners? Enjoying the purest sound outside of a concert hall.

Leading with LASA

LASA amplifier technology combines the best capabilities of traditional Class A and Class AB amplifiers with those utilizing switch-mode topology. LASA consistently delivers the homogeneous THD curve of Class A operation, the stable frequency response – even with complex loudspeaker loads – of Class A / B circuits, and the high efficiency of a class D amplifier. The result is a completely stable power amplifier circuit that maintains perfect composure under very complex loudspeaker loads. LASA delivers a studio-faithful tapestry of immersive sound, imbuing the room with an exceptional, it-must-be-live music experience.

The MBL C21 at a glance

  • MBL LASA amplifiers technology with 300 watts per channel into 4 Ω
  • Signal /Noise of 124dB, 20 amps peak output current with 0,01% THD
  • Analogue toroidal transformer with Mu-metal protective shielding technology
  • Speaker load independent of frequency response
  • Damping factor of over 100 at 40dB
  • Soft Clipping allows gentle transition during peak overloads, without distortion
  • RCA and XLR inputs

Technical Specifications

Inputs 1 x unbalanced (RCA) 1 x balanced (XLR)
Outputs Loudspeaker Terminals (L/R)
Other Inputs/Outputs MBL Smartlink SD slot for updating
Amplifier technology MBL LASA 1.0
Music power 2 x 400 W (2 Ω) 2 x 300 W (4 Ω) 2 x 180 W (8 Ω)
Output current Max. 20 ampere
Weight 20 kg / 48.5 lbs.