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MBL 9008 A Mono/Stereo Power Amplifier

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Featuring phenomenal values and basically identical design, this power amplifier is in the same league as its big brother mbl 9011. This truly analog power amplifier is built only with high-quality, individually selected components, using an elaborate method. Due to its incredible application flexibility, the terminal possesses a true symmetrical layout with two full range power amplifiers and allows alternatively mono or stereo operation. At any rate, it serves as virtually inexhaustible power source for ultimate music enjoyment – and excels in every constellation with unprecedented sound dimensions.

Mono - Stereo Power Amplifier MBL 9008 A

The listening experience it creates when powering the scorching vocals of Janis Joplin can be soul-searing, yet nothing is hot to the touch with the MBL 9008 A. Thanks to its über-efficient heat sinks, this powerful amplifier runs barely warm, even when driving low impedance loudspeakers. Its first 50 watts of output are in pure Class A operation. With up to 840 watts of musical power at 4 ohms, and a maximum of 40 amps peak current in optimized balanced mono operation, the modest operating temperature for an amplifier of this size is a result of an abundance of heat-sink surface area…and MBL’s design commitment to creating a thermal buffer. For example, if a heavy drum beat pushes the output transistors on a conventional amp to their limit, the orchestra’s brass, wind and string instruments will come across sounding stressed or jarring until the transistors themselves have come back in control. This never occurs with the MBL 9008 A. The output transistors are protected by an Isolated Gain Cell circuit, which is recharged by a user-selectable choice of one or two special toroidal transformers. Each has its own power plug input, ensuring the semiconductors operate in their linear range while avoiding any possibility of dynamic compression.

The assembled components rest on a massive solid copper foundation to avoid vibrational interference that may distort the music signal, and to act as preliminary heat sinks. In this way, music and power are perfectly dovetailed. The MBL 9008 A impresses with authority and simplicity in the face of all musical tastes and challenges. In either mono or stereo operation, regardless of signal demand, this amplifier shows no hint of stress at any SPL, with a sound that remains warm, detailed, and in total control.

Silent Reserve – Switchable Mains Transformers

The MBL 9008 A Reference Line power amplifier houses a second toroidal transformer that can be turned on as required using a rocker switch on the rear of the housing. The additional network transformers change the sound impression, but not the power output. The huge output capacitors are charged even more rapidly, and bring the speakers that much closer to their high-performance ideal – inspiring the listener with an extremely precise, fluid and musical sound. Fewer transformer windings deliver music that sounds more natural and lively, and the 9008 A’s fine-tuning capability means the sound can be adapted to different room conditions or optimised to the speakers being powered.

The 9008 A at a glance

  • Designed as a differential-balanced mono block amplifier, but can also be used as a stereo power amplifier in single-ended mode
  • Combination of Class A and Class AB amplification
  • Direct, high-precision signal processing by Direct Push-Pull technology
  • Unparalleled resolution of the finest musical nuances
  • Sound tuning/speaker impedance matching via two separate switchable power transformers
  • Two separate power input sockets
  • Extremely quiet signal ground by means of fully symmetrical signal flow from the input to the output
  • Power transistors located on a foundation of vibration-impeding solid copper
  • Compensation of all transistor non-linearities by means of unique Isolated Gain Cell circuit
  • Sixteen output devices deliver 840 watts of musical power (at 4 Ω) with an output current of 40 amps, maximum pulse power: 2,200 watts (at 2 Ω)
  • Six high-quality, in-house manufactured solid copper connecting terminals with the option of bi-wiring
  • Weight of 60 kg (136 lbs)

Technical Specifications

Pulse power (Mono/Stereo) 2 200 / 1 200 W (2 Ω)
Musical power (Mono/Stereo) 1 000 / 330 W (2 Ω) 840 / 210 W (4 Ω) 440 / 130 W (8 Ω)
Input impedance 20 kΩ, XLR (Mono) 10 KΩ, RCA (Stereo)
Output current Max. 40 ampere
Weight 60 kg / 132 Ibs