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Mark Levinson No. 5805 Integrated Amplifier OPEN BOX

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Experience the true power of your music with an integrated amplifier that allows you to hear the unique character of every note. The Mark Levinson № 5805 contains a high-quality preamplifier, phono stage and amplifier in one seamless package, delivering dynamic sound for your entire digital and analog music collection.

Powerful Amplification

Powerful Amplification Fill your home with rich, enveloping waves of sound. This high-end integrated amplifier contains a highly capable power supply (500+ VA toroidal transformer) that allows it to provide the right amount of power to your loudspeakers — and deliver premium audio performances without distortion.

Detailed Digital Audio

Discover new details in your digital music, from hidden harmonies to whispered cues. The № 5805 includes a premium Precision Link II Digital-to-Analog Converted (DAC) that accurately reproduces audio signals and minimizes noise, so you can experience outstanding audio quality and connect to your music on a deeper level.

Extraordinary Analog Audio

Mark Levinson’s proprietary Pure Path circuit design maximizes audio signal integrity with exceptional accuracy and sonic clarity from this high-end integrated amplifier with a premium phono pre-amp. The result? Unmatched sound quality that captures the nuances of your entire analog music collection.

High-Performance Headphone Listening

Unleash all the performance your headphones can deliver. The № 5805 preamplifier’s class-A analog line stage has so much current capability it can power your headphones directly.

Bluetooth Audio Input

Experience the highest quality and most reliable Bluetooth playback, thanks to a Bluetooth receiver that’s equipped with aptX™ HD.

Luxurious Design

From the gently curved profile to the beautiful glass panel, this hybrid integrated amplifier is meticulously designed to exude excellence and luxury.