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Mark Levinson - No 534 Power Amplifier OPEN BOX

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From the subtlest lows to the most dynamic highs, uncover every detail in your music with the № 534. This Pure Path stereo amplifier provides a deep, expansive soundstage and accurate image placement while delivering an outstanding 250 watts per channel. Fill the room with eye-opening stereo sound that reveals every nuance from the original recording with pristine clarity.


Powerful Amplification:

Unleash the full potential of your music as you move from the quietest notes to the loudest crescendos. The № 534’s toroidal transformer delivers massive power to your speakers. It’s carefully shielded and encapsulated to minimize electrical and mechanical noise, allowing you to focus completely on your music.

Pure Path Circuit Design

Our proprietary approach to circuit design delivers uncompromising musical purity and an engaging listening experience. By using discrete components carefully selected for their precise function, the № 534 delivers unmatched sound quality that captures the nuances of every note.

Details at Any Volume

Experience balanced, consistent sound regardless of volume. The № 534 operates in class-A mode for most listening conditions and class A/B at higher volumes, delivering outstanding performance and sound quality.

Abundant, Responsive Power

The № 534 measures 250 watts per channel at 8 ohms and doubles to 500 watts at 4 ohms. This means it can drive even the most demanding loudspeakers — effortlessly.

Fully Balanced Inputs

The № 534 offers balanced and single-ended inputs, allowing you the flexibility to use it with virtually any preamplifier.

Flexible Control Capabilities

Connect and control the № 534 through Ethernet, RS-232, IR or 12V trigger input and output.