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Luma Surveillance™ 520 Series 5MP Bullet IP Outdoor Camera

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Luma Surveillance™ 520 Series 5MP Bullet IP Outdoor Camera

This low-profile bullet IP camera features 5MP resolution for 2K viewing. Reduce false notifications and easily highlight and access key moments with built-in intelligent analytics. Featuring IR night viewing that eliminates over-exposure in dim settings and evenly illuminates the subject. With OvrC, on-site or remote configuration is a breeze, no longer requiring you to tediously navigate each camera’s local UI. Adjust image settings in real-time, setup recordings, and more all via OvrC. Control System integration is always top of mind, and this camera is packed with features for Control4 along with many other popular control systems.

Important Note - When using legacy Luma X10 devices with new Luma X20 devices, they are not plug and play. The IP Cameras require initial preparation for successful deployment. 

Intelligent Analytics

Featuring the latest AI technology like advanced human, vehicle, and non-motor vehicle detection, as well as AI-filtered events, you can reduce false notifications and have your customers more accurately respond to them. With AI-filtered events, your customers can quickly be notified, share, and view key moments their system finds throughout the day. With Luma, you can focus on the events that matter the most!

Do More with the Luma View App

Luma View gives your clients intuitive access to their surveillance system with push notifications, lightning-fast video viewing, easy access to share and view recordings, 16 channel synchronous playback, activity highlights with AI-filtered events, and more. Luma cameras also allow for remote customer handoff to the end-user with a Luma View app invitation through OvrC.

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Fast Configuration with OvrC

Configuring cameras one-by-one via a local UI can be a long process. With Luma, OvrC enables you to fully deploy and configure an entire Luma system in a fraction of the time! Adjust event and image settings in real-time using a live video feed set up, AI-filtered events, set up recordings, and more all from OvrC’s easy-to-use interface while still being able to use local UI for advanced settings. With OvrC you can save up to 50% in configuration time per camera! OvrC doesn’t just help with setup, use OvrC to remotely manage Luma systems from anywhere in the world.

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Robust Control System Capabilities

Control system integration has never been better with Luma. The Control4 surveillance experience has been rebuilt from the ground up with Thumbnails, Single Camera view, enhanced PTZ Controls and camera settings management. Dynamic Camera URLs speed setup with autodetection of resolution, advanced triggering off AI events, and more. Control system integration is available with additional control systems as well.

Luma View app screen shots of IR capabilities

IR up to 30m

This Luma camera features IR for night viewing, while eliminating over-exposure in dim settings and evenly illuminating the subject.

image of the SD card port of the Luma x20

Local Storage with Playback

For local recording and/or redundancy, take advantage of edge storage using a surveillance-rated SD card (not included) with support up to 256GB. Playback of these events are available in the Luma View app.

Built-In Microphone, Audio Input & Output

Built-In Microphone, Audio Input and Output

Give your customers extra peace of mind by enabling or disabling the built-in microphone through OvrC. Features built-in audio input and output to cover any of your surveillance audio needs.

NDAA Complaint graphic

NDAA Compliant

We have you covered for any job that requires NDAA compliant equipment. All Luma X20 family surveillance solutions are fully NDAA compliant.

ONVIF Compliant

ONVIF Conformant

Luma cameras are fully ONVIF conformant to provide you even greater choice and flexibility when designing or updating systems. With ONVIF, you can easily identify specific interoperable features from access control and edge storage to door control and streaming video.

Low profile housing for Luma X20

Low-Profile Housing

Low-profile housing provides a more discrete and aesthetically pleasing install for your clients.

Luma x20 bullet camera on mount