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HiFi Rose RSA780E CD drive for HiFi Rose network music players

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Compact CD Transport And Ripper For HiFi Rose Network Streamers
Add a compact CD transport to your HiFi Rose music system. It offers outstanding playback and CD ripping. Despite its small size, the HiFi Rose RSA780 CD transport definitely isn't a lightweight. It weighs in at 2 lbs., which is significantly heavy for such a small unit. The high-mass case resists vibration from both the drive mechanism and your listening room, providing the perfect environment for CD playback at its best.
The RSA780 has a USB-B port for signal transfer, letting you use audiophile USB A-B cables that are designed for audio use. This helps ensure complete data reading and best results for music play. And speaking of the USB connection, the RSA780 uses USB Isolator technology for low jitter. The CD drive and the player are completely separated electrically, so only pure music data without noise is transmitted through USB.
For yet another level of noise reduction, HiFi Rose uses high-performance mechanical isolation of the drive in order to minimize vibration. This minimizes the noise that can occur when the drive is running and the CD is playing for error-free data retrieval. You hear the music exactly as it was intended to be heard by the artist and producer.
HiFi Rose RSA780E Front
Use With HiFi Rose Gear Or With Your Computer
The RSA780 offers effortless CD play and ripping when used with HiFi Rose RS150, RS250, and RS201 network streamers and the HiFi Rose OS and app. It can rip CDs to FLAC, FLAC compressed, or WAV file formats. You can also use the RSA780 with your computer for playback or ripping.
A choice of modes is offered, depending on how you are using the transport. Use Isolation Mode for the highest quality CD playback with HiFi Rose gear. Or use Normal Mode with your computer. Mode choice is made with the flick of a switch.
Included with the RSA780 transport is a 2-ft. RSA705 7NOCC hi-fi grade USB-B to USB-A cable for high-quality signal transfer.

Product highlights:

  • CD drive for playback and ripping with HiFi Rose RS150BRS250, and RS201E network music players
  • connects to HiFi Rose players via included USB Type-A to Type-B cable
  • rips CDs to FLAC, FLAC (compressed) or WAV files
  • 6"W x 1"H x 6"D
  • weight: 2 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • HiFi Rose RSA780E connect to HiFi Rose streamers (sold separately) with included RSA705 USB 2.0 A-B data cable