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Esoteric G-01XD Master Clock

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CONDITION: Esoteric G-01XD Master Clock


Esoteric G-01XD Master Clock


The “Master Sound Discrete Clock” is a proprietary OCXO* module developed by Esoteric for music reproduction. From the Esoteric SC1 custom crystal oscillator to the temperature control circuit and its control program to achieve high precision, all completed in a unique discrete circuit. We have paid close attention to every detail and improved the quality of musical expression by designing our own crystal oscillator circuit, previously packaged as a general-purpose module, into a unique discrete circuit to produce sound quality closer to our engineers’ ideals.
* OCXO = Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Esoteric SC1 Custom Made Crystal

From its high-accuracy oscillator circuitry to the core crystal oscillator itself, the Master Sound Discrete Clock is a completely custom-made component produced exclusively by Esoteric. The material forming its crystal provides a more natural tone quality, extremely low phase noise, and exceptional stability when used in combination with the G-01XD’s advanced temperature control system. Since quartz crystals generate their clock signals through vibration, or resonance, there is a profound correlation between the physical characteristics of the base material and ultimate sound quality. Larger crystals tend to produce a higher drive level that is less easily affected by high resistance within the circuit. They also produce a more stable oscillation. Therefore, every detail in the manufacturing process, from cut shape to size, was carefully examined in pursuit of creating an oscillator that offers the best electrophysical characteristics for ultimate sound quality. Based on a highly reliable variety of quartz crystal developed for the aerospace industry, Esoteric was able to complete the development of its exclusive musical reproduction-dedicated SC1 crystal. The crystal material itself is grown slowly over an extremely long period of time, and then SC (Stress Compensated) cut into its final shape. To ensure optimal control of its resonant vibration, Esoteric proudly introduces the largest sized mass-produced crystal in its class, carefully selecting and utilizing only those pieces whose center frequency fluctuations are within Esoteric’s strict standards.

Master Sound TC* – Esoteric's Proprietary Temperature Control Program

Crystal frequency accuracy is affected by temperature. Therefore, temperature control is the most important factor in maintaining high clock accuracy. Esoteric’s proprietary “Master Sound TC” is a total temperature control system that maximizes crystal performance. We have developed not only the hardware but also the control software in-house to ensure that the Master Sound Discrete Clock delivers the highest possible performance. In a typical OCXO, crystals are stored in a hot oven and kept at a constant temperature. However, crystals differ in the temperature at which they are most stable. In our Master Sound TC system, the oven temperature is controlled by a program customized for each crystal to ensure that each crystal is always at the right temperature for stable performance. The result is an extremely natural and pure clock output with excellent musicality.
* TC = Thermo-Control

Master Sound TC – Unique Calibration Process
The temperature characteristics of each SC1 crystal are measured during production, and an individual characteristics chart is created; the SC1 is assembled into a module, and based on this chart, the oven microcomputer control program is individually adjusted to the ambient temperature at which the oscillation is most stable. This series of processes, including burning-in, is carefully carried out for each individual unit.

128-Step Multi-Step Controlled Heater to Maintain Uniform Oven Temperature

The heater, which maintains a uniform temperature inside the oven, is also a concentrated Esoteric specialty. The heaters in ordinary modules are simply controlled to repeatedly turn on and off in conjunction with the falling and rising temperatures inside the oven, but in the Master Sound Discrete Clock, the temperature is finely controlled by a heater with 128 steps of multi-step control. In addition, by minimizing the current fluctuations that occur when the heater is turned on and off, the adverse effects of current fluctuations on the crystal oscillator circuit are eliminated.

Clock Output  
Output frequency 10MHz
Frequency precision Within ±0.01ppm (when shipped new)
Connectors BNC × 4
Output level Sine wave 0.5 ±0.1Vrms / 50Ω
Power AC 120V, 60Hz
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumtion 15W (when stable)
Overall dimensions (W×H×D) 445 × 131 × 360mm (including protrusions)
Weight 12.8kg
Accessories Power cord × 1
Felt pads × 3
Owner’s manual × 1
Warranty card × 1