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EMM Labs PRE Stereo Preamplifier

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Very good condition, just in on trade.  Includes remote control and original factory packaging.

Ed Meitner recognizes that the analog preamplifier is at the heart of every music system and warrants the utmost care and precision. This recognition motivates him to consistently push the boundaries of performance in his designs.

Starting with the Meitner PA6i and progressing to the multi-award winning EMM Labs PRE2, he has never failed to push the state-of-the-art in the industry.

Ed Meitner’s latest design, the reference PRE, embodies this drive for perfection and culminates in his most significant statement in the preamplifier category to date.

Stunning transparency is achieved via fully discrete dual-balanced signal paths, sophisticated contactless switching solutions and precision software-driven analog volume control.

Using custom, aerospace-grade, composite laminate circuit boards in the PRE provides several advantages over conventional boards:

  • Microscopically smooth copper traces resulting in a reduction in skin effect issues
  • Superior strength and vibration resistance
  • Lower dielectric losses and superior heat conduction ensuring uniform temperature distribution, increasing stability and longevity


With six sets of stereo analog inputs and three sets of stereo analog outputs, the PRE allows the option of bi-amplification and tri-amplification setups.

Three sets of user programmable volume presets per input allows the user to easily recall their favourite volume settings for different types of music.

Result… the most sophisticated and musically accurate preamplifier from EMM Labs. Capable of controlling everything, except your enthusiasm.

Key Features


  • Six Stereo Analog Inputs: Three Balanced (XLR), Three Single-ended (RCA)
  • Three Stereo Analog Outputs: Two Balanced (XLR), One Single-ended (RCA)
  • Fully discrete dual-balanced signal paths
  • Class A circuitry to drive loads without degradation
  • Precision software-based analog volume control
  • Aerospace-grade composite laminate circuit boards
  • Machined aluminum infrared remote control
  • Large display with customizable brightness & contrast
  • New intuitive control system featuring programmable input settings & three sets of volume preset per input
  • System USB port for future software updates
  • RS232 port for wired remote & multi-system control
  • CE compliant
Power Supply:
Proprietary High-isolation resonant mode power supply for silent, & eco-friendly operation
Factory set to 100V or 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: max. 40W