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EAT E Glo I Integrated KT-88 Tube Amp. Pure Class A.

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CONDITION: EAT E Glo I Integrated KT-88 Tube Amp. Pure Class A.


Vacuum Tube Integrated Amp That "Gets So Many Things Right"
The new E-Glo i from the European Audio Team (E.A.T.) is a high-end vacuum tube integrated amplifier with a classy sound and look. And the use of tubes isn't limited to the output stage. The E-Glo i goes all the way with a glorious "all tube" design that brings the award winning sonic performance of E.A.T. gear to the category of integrated amplifiers. You will thrill to the lushness of Golden Age hi-fi sound as only E.A.T. can deliver it, which enjoying the modern design and build quality from a global leader in vinyl playback and other high end stereo components.
Similar to its cousin, the E.A.T. E-Glo S phono preamplifier, the E-Glo i is a real head turner that stands out in a world of ho-hum metal box hi-fi components. The finish of the high-quality casing and the real wood side panels far surpass competitive gear at anywhere near the price. And the beauty isn't skin deep, either. Inside the attractive chassis is a brilliant marriage of innovation and tried-and-true technical excellence that will deliver new levels of excellence to your music listening.
New technology which has been carefully designed to avoid compromise the sonic imaging combines the so-called classic traditional "wire-to-wire connections" with modern PCB techniques to deliver outstanding sound quality.
"A Balanced, Forceful Presentation"
"Enthusiastically recommended," raves Ken Micallef, Stereophile, December 2, 2020. "In its ability to create a supercharged musical presentation within a large soundstage populated by big images, allied to superb definition and resolution, with good tone, the E.A.T. E-Glo I gets so many things right in such a balanced, forceful presentation that I'd say it's worth its asking price."
Advanced Relay Attenuator
An advanced relay attenuator contains two independent blocks for each channel, delivering improved channel separation. The E-Glo i's sophisticated volume control is of a design typically only found in competing amplifiers available at a much higher price range. Exceptional gain control is offered in 1dB increments, with minimum attenuation of 63dB and the music signal passes through as small a number of contacts as possible.
E.A.T. developed this no-compromise approach only after extensive R&D backed by proved the solution to be the best not only on paper, but also in numerous listening and audible tests. The deviation between sync of left and right channels of attenuator is lower than 0.05dB, which is an astonishing figure this outclasses even the best potentiometers. This accuracy of the attenuator control delivers excellent playback of the recorded soundstage.
Instant Switching Between Ultra-Linear And Triode Mode
The E-Glo i combines its entirely new topology with a Pure Class A mode. It offers instant switching between ultra-linear and triode mode, allowing you to toggle between them on-the-fly to decide which mode sounds best with your music of choice. Output power is 35 watts-per-channel at 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms in ultra-linear mode and 18 watts-per-channel at 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms in triode mode.
E.A.T. E-Glo I integrated KT-88 amplifier. At True Audiophile Store.
The tube complement consists of four Electro Harmonix or E.A.T. KT-88 high power output tubes plus two 12AT7 and one 12AX7 tubes. Auto bias functionality with cathode feedback make it easy to keep your E-Glo i operating at peak performance without the typical hassles of some vacuum tube audio gear. E.A.T. does everything right!
E.A.T. E-Glo I integrated KT-88 amplifier. At True Audiophile Store.
Advanced Power Supply And More
One of the most important parts of a tube amplifier is the output transformer. The E-Glo i's output transformer has several bifilar windings, which are lined up in sections to maximize power bandwidth for ultra-wide bandwidth music playback. Frequency response is a highly impressive 10 Hz – 50,000 Hz ±0.5dB at five watts. Premium capacitors are used in all stages of the circuitry for best performance.
Heavy-gauge aluminum is used for the top plate, front, and sides. The bottom plate and back panel are steel.