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Denon DP-3000NE Premium Direct-Drive Hi-Fi Turntable

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CONDITION: Denon DP-3000NE Premium Direct-Drive Hi-Fi Turntable


Denon DP-3000NE Premium Direct-Drive Hi-Fi Turntable

Denon DP-3000NE The heart and soul of a fantastic hi-fi system (speakers and amp sold separately)
Denon original static balance S-shape tonearm
Features a carefully engineered S-Shape curved tonearm with optimized tracking angle at any point of the record. This newly improved Denon® arm features cartridge weight adjustment, anti-skating adjustment (0-3 g), and a newly developed arm height adjustment (0-9 mm). It gives you full flexibility to customize your turntable to your preferred cartridges or custom mat.
Direct-drive motor system
Follows a long Denon tradition of direct-drive motor system, with rotation speed that does not fluctuate no matter the selected speed or load. Simple to use, low maintenance, and reaches full speed almost instantly. Denon released its first direct drive turntable, the DN- 302F, for broadcast studios in 1970.
Space vector PWM motor control
Space vector pulse with modulation (SV-PWM) is a new design for the motor spinning control. SV-PWM is simply an algorithm used to control the PWM (pulse with modulation) module, which basically powers the motor. SV-PWM greatly reduces harmonics in the motor which can cause overheating and torque fluctuations and offers a continuous reliable voltage and frequency output for long periods of listening at any  rotation speed or load via continuous feedback of the rotation speed.
Adjustable insulator feet
The feet are key to protect the playback from any vibration picked up from the surface the turntable is placed on. But these feet are also adjustable to bring the platter perfectly in balance for the most accurate tracking of the needle in the groove.
SMPS power supply
Switch mode power supply (SMPS) greatly benefits turntables by avoiding the use of a linear transformer, avoiding unnecessary vibrations. It allows integration of the power supply into the turntable, getting rid of any external power transformer or power bricks dangling behind the product. It also avoids voltage and frequency fluctuations from variation in the power grid.
  • Drive system: Direct
  • Motor: 16-pole, 12-coil, brushless motor
  • Control method: PWM Vector
  • Platter: Aluminum diecast (305 mm)
  • Platter inertia: 382 kg/cm2
  • Wow flatter: less than 0.06% JIS
  • Speed tolerance: less than ± 0.3%
  • Rumble: (S/N ratio) Over 70dB
  • Bearing Type: Miniature Steel ball bearing
  • Tonearm: Static Balanced S-Shaped
  • Arm length: 244 mm
  • Overhang: 14 mm
  • Offset angle: 20.5°
  • Tracking error angle: 2.5° (Max.)
  • Suitable cartridge weight: Without sub weight: 4–16g | With sub weight: 14–26g
  • Stylus force adjustment: 0–2.5g / rotation
  • High adjustment range: 9 mm
  • Anti-skating adjustment: 0-3g
  • Headshell material: Aluminum
  • Speed tolerance: less than ± 0.3%
  • Sensitivity: Horizontal: 30 mg | Vertical: 30 mg
  • Operation: Manual
  • Speed: 33 1⁄3 / 45 / 78 rpm
  • Control: Start / Stop
  • Dimensions: 500 × 394 × 185mm (W × D × H)
  • Weight: 18.5 kg
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: < 4W
  • Standby power consumption: Less than 0.3W