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Definitive Technology Descend DN15

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The Definitive next step

Definitive Technology is known for their high-performance audio equipment and a culture of constant innovation. Their newest Descend Series subwoofers pack plenty of deep, high-output bass into relatively compact designs. The DN15 is the largest sub of the series and delivers massive, dynamic bass that sounds and feels even bigger than it looks.

This beast of a subwoofer has a 15" long-throw woofer driven by a super-clean, efficient 500-watt RMS Class H amplifier. A pair of side-firing 15" passive radiators extend the sub's low-frequency output. This proprietary 3XR™ architecture triples the radiating surface area compared to a single 15" cone, helping it get as loud and low as a ported sub — but without introducing pesky port turbulence. Definitive Technology explains that this design produces bass similar to a pair of 18" subs, but with a smaller, singular cabinet. That means you can enjoy accurate, hard-hitting bass without using up quite as much space in your room.

Simple and clean

The DN15 looks elegant and is easy to integrate into an existing system. A helpful set of rear-panel connections keep things straightforward. You can connect with the line-level stereo RCA input or a dedicated LFE input that hooks up to the subwoofer output of your home theater receiver. You can also use a pair of speaker-level five-way binding post inputs. Using the built-in variable low-pass crossover, you have control over what frequencies the sub plays when using the stereo RCA or speaker-level inputs.

Customizable bass

Powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processing) ensures clean, distortion-free bass at all volume levels. Make fast and easy adjustments with back-panel buttons or the remote included in the box. The front of the sub has an LED display that registers the sub's status as you make changes for quick reference. Three built-in EQ presets keep things simple, letting you prioritize home theater rumble with Loud mode, rich musical bass with Deep mode, or balanced output with Flat mode.

Intelligent Phase Control™ gives you phase adjustment from -135 to 180 degrees, taking some of the guesswork out of placement and helping the sub blend in with the rest of your system.

Product highlights:

  • bass-reflex (passive radiator) enclosure
  • built-in 500-watt RMS Class H amplifier (1500-watt peak)
  • 15" long-throw woofer
  • dual 15" 3XR passive radiators
  • 56-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for clean, extended bass response at high volumes
  • three built-in EQ modes:
    • Flat: balances low-end extension and high output across the sub's frequency range
    • Deep: emphasizes low-end extension — great for music
    • Loud: emphasizes high output for all frequencies — great for movies and TV
  • LFE input (line-level mono-RCA) for use with a home theater receiver's sub output
  • line-level stereo RCA input
  • speaker-level inputs (five-way binding posts)
  • 3.5mm IR and 12-volt trigger inputs for custom integration
  • frequency response: 20-150 Hz
  • low-pass crossover: 40-120 Hz
  • Intelligent Phase Control™ for customizable phase adjustment
    • -135 to 180 degrees in 45 degree increments
  • back-panel toggle buttons for phase, display, and EQ
  • includes remote control with volume, phase, and EQ controls
  • LED on sub displays status for easy reference
  • 23-7/16"W x 24-15/16"H x 25-3/16"D
  • weight: 114.6 lbs.