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Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier

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Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier

Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier Front

Circuitry Highlights

An ingeniously re-engineered application of the JFET input circuit topology introduced in the Momentum C4 Preamp , forms the cornerstone of the Pendulum Integrated’s design. This new input stage coupled to classic core D’Agostino technologies – an all-balanced, direct coupled, complementary signal path ensures optimal signal integrity and sonic purity. The Pendulum Integrated Amplifier has achieved remarkable levels of performance and musicality in a component of such compact dimensions.

Housed in Delrin, the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier’s remote control is a Bluetooth-enabled device, rechargeable via USB, boasting an ergonomic design and featuring an LCD screen. Offering bi-directional functionality, the remote control mirrors the information on the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier’s front panel onto its own display screen, including input, volume, and song metadata.

Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Remote Control

Digital Streaming Module (DSM) and Phonostage

The Pendulum Integrated Amplifier offers a comprehensive suite of digital capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of audio sources and systems. Among its standout features is a robust connectivity suite, including optical and both RJ-45 and Wi-Fi network connections.

Setting a new benchmark in versatility, the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier marks a significant milestone as the first D’Agostino component to incorporate an HDMI input. This addition features eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) functionality, facilitating effortless integration into audio systems that include a television. Whether enjoying music or video, users can experience superb audio quality with ease.

Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier Rear

Tailored iOS apps facilitate effortless control of music collections, streaming content, and unit functions. Native integration with subscription streaming services like TIDAL, Qobuz, and Spotify is supported within the app, with additional compatibility for TIDAL Connect. Furthermore, with appropriately encoded files, standard MQA decoding is enabled. For users preferring alternative music management, Roon Ready certification will also be available.

Capable of handling the highest resolution sources available today, the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier decodes PCM signals up to 32-bit/384 KHz and DSD signals up to DSD256 (11.2MHz) natively. Recognizing the crucial role of the analog section in digital music performance, internal balanced connections ensure optimal signal transfer to the circuitry stage, leveraging the full potential of the Pendulum’s power and analog circuitry.

Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier Rear Inputs Closeup

With 60dB of gain and multiple loading settings, the included phonostage accommodates the vast spectrum of low-output moving coil cartridges beloved by today’s vinyl enthusiasts. 

The Pendulum Integrated Amplifier marks a significant leap in performance, feature set, and affordability within our product lineup. It presents our customers with an opportunity to experience a fully-featured offering from D’Agostino at a more accessible price point,” remarked Bill McKiegan, President of D’Agostino Audio.

Power Supply Highlights

Adhering to a longstanding D’Agostino design principle, the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier features a custom toroidal transformer rated at 750VA, complemented by a nearly 25,000 μF capacitor bank, serving as its power foundation. This custom transformer, engineered for its efficiency, enables the amplifier to deliver robust power output within a remarkably compact build, defying the limitations of conventional transformers of similar size. With this power backbone, the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier delivers 120W into 8 Ohms and 240W into 4 Ohms. Moreover, its internal circuitry adeptly filters RF noise from the AC powerline and addresses issues such as asymmetric power waveforms and DC on the AC mains.

Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier Front with Remote Control Angle

Modern Twist on a Classic Look

The Pendulum Integrated Amplifier features an LCD display crafted to mirror the elegance of Swiss watch-inspired analog meters found across the D’Agostino product range. Serving primarily as a volume indicator, this sophisticated display also provides real-time updates on unit status, functions, and metadata sourced from digital music sources.

Price & Availability

The Pendulum Integrated is slated to commence shipping in August 2024, with an estimated $15,000 USD MSRP. Standard finishes include silver or black, with custom painted finishes available upon request.