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Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV Integrated Ampifier

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Combining the front end technology from the Momentum HD Preamplifier and the power section of the Momentum MxV amplifier, the Dan D'Agostino Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier delivers Momentum Series performance in a compact framework. The elegant design only hints at the advanced circuitry within its Aluminum and Copper housing.
Dan D'Agostino Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier

Benefiting from extensive development previously applied to the Momentum Series separate components, the Momentum MxV integrated Amplifier executes on the potential that an integrated solution offers. The Momentum MxV integrated Amplifier is a modular design that is configurable to a listener’s preferences.

The core line stage preamplifier section can be augmented to include a digital streaming and/or a phonostage module. When fully equipped, the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier topology is a seamless circuit working as one from input to output. Each internal section is still highly specialized but knowing the exact complement of power supply, control, and audio circuitry being used together, affords engineering a vision of the system that is typically not possible.

The Power of Supply:
Defying its compact size, the Momentum MxV Integrated is a powerhouse amplifier. The backbone is a new ultra-quiet 2,000VA linear transformer. A unique toroidal winding technology, first employed in the Momentum M400 amplifier, delivers greater power output from a similarly sized conventional transformer keeping the Momentum MxV Integrated surprisingly small for its capability. This engine drives a nearly 60,000ⲙF capacitor bank resulting in 250/500/1,000W power output into 8/4/2Ω speaker loads. Internal circuitry filters RF noise from the AC powerline and compensates for asymmetric power waveforms and DC on the mains.

The scope of the Momentum MxV Integrated amplifier design requires the use of two separate chassis – a dedicated audio chassis and a separate power supply. The two chassis interlock through special mechanisms in the mounting feet of each chassis. Thirty pin interlocking 30-amp, gold plated connectors eliminate wiring normally used for these applications and the associated anomalies that can occur. This distinctive construction isolates the audio signal completely, both physically and electrically from the power supply section. Physical isolation offers additional room to maximize both power and audio circuitry.Preamplifier has nearly as much power supply capability as many power amplifiers.

Dan D'Agostino Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier

Audio Circuitry: Every major section of the integrated amplifier has been touched by technology advancements pioneered in the Relentless and Momentum series models. Starting with the preamplifier section, six individual left and right circuit boards make up the input, volume control, and output sections. The core topologies have been appropriated from the Momentum HD Momentum Preamplifier including the innovative input stage.

The distinct advantage of an integrated amplifier is the direct connection of the preamplifier amplifier stage to the amplifier input section. This pure path eliminates connector and cable anomalies that potentially impact electrical and sonic performance.

Crucial to the new circuit are the bipolar transistors powering the front end of the amplifier. In all of the Momentum MxV amplifiers, new devices deliver ten times the current and power of previously used devices. These wider bandwidth, higher power components extend low and high frequency performance with reduced distortion in both frequency extremes.

Dan D'Agostino Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier

Energizing the driver stage is a new bias stability circuit providing a nearly 50% increase in operating bias. Increasing Class A operation directly correlates to better sound quality. With the new MxV circuit topology and unique Copper Aluminum thermal engine heatsink, heat issues are not a practical concern in the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier. The new bias scheme ensures bias consistency, preventing excessive temperatures even under the greatest demand. Additional power transistors in the output stage reduce workload for each device. By minimizing stress on each individual device, the entire output section works more efficiently. The result is a richer, more dynamic, intimate presentation regardless of musical genre.

The final output stage features new output transistors that were originally sourced for the flagship Relentless Monoblock Amplifier. 28 high speed, high-output transistors are used in the Momentum MxV Integrated. Each transistor mounts with two stainless steel fasteners—a rarity among flat-package transistors—for maximum thermal transfer to the copper heat sinks. A capacitor/resistor network connected to the base of each transistor ensures stability even at high frequencies and with low-impedance speakers. Additionally, every output transistor is measured and only devices that match the required performance specifications are included in the production of the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier. As with all D'Agostino models, the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifiers feature discrete, direct-coupled balanced circuitry, the most accurate circuit platform possible.

An optional digital module vaults the Momentum MxV Integrated into the cutting edge of today’s digital listening environment. The digital enhancement adds connectivity for legacy sources, both source and host USB functionality, and premier streaming functionality. Field upgradeable, the digital module adds SPDIF coaxial, Optical, and USB-A for legacy digital components and Ethernet and Wifi for network-based music. A dedicated iOS D’Agostino DSM app provides built-in Tidal, Qobuz, MQA decoding, plus complete unit control. PCM signals up to 24 bit/192 KHz and DSD signals up to 4xDSD (11.2 MHz)

The optional phono module adds vinyl playback capability to the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier. Low output moving coil cartridges are supported with over 60dB of gain and loading options from 100Ohm-47kOhm.

A dedicated headphone amplifier for today’s high performance headphones is hidden behind a sliding door.