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Dali - Opticon 8 Mk2 Tower Speakers (single)

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Patented SMC

Our patented SMC magnet motor minimizes hysteresis to significantly reduce electro-acoustic distortion.

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Reflex Ports

The OPTICON MK2 dual-flare reflex ports minimize turbulence and effectively reinforce low-frequency performance.

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Assembled by Hand

DALI stereo pairs are built and tested by one technician using components from the same batch to ensure visual and acoustic matching.

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Hybrid Tweeter
Our hybrid tweeter marries the clarity, speed and dynamics of a soft dome with the very high frequency detail and finesse of a ribbon.

The master of wide dispersion
The OPTICON 8 MK2 hybrid tweeter module marries a 29 mm soft dome tweeter with a custom 17 x 45 mm ribbon element. Both drivers are mounted on a cast aluminium faceplate, which provides a solid platform for the drivers and incorporates dispersion control detailing for optimal delivery of the high frequencies for off-axis listening. Our hybrid tweeter module offers the best of both worlds – the clarity, speed and dynamics of a dome tweeter with the very high-frequency detail and smooth finesse of a ribbon tweeter.


Rich bass, dynamic accuracy, extraordinary detail and clarity

The OPTICON 8 MK2 is a powerhouse of a floorstander speaker. With a large internal volume and two dedicated bass drivers, it effortlessly reaches down low to provide rich bass to large listening spaces. And with a dedicated midrange driver and our signature hybrid tweeter module, it also has extraordinary detail and clarity in the higher frequencies. As with the MK1 series, the OPTICON 8 MK2 is manufactured at our factory in Denmark using components produced in-house or sourced from the best specialist manufacturers locally and further afield.