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Dali Opticon 6 MK2 Floorstanding Speakers (single)

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Dali Opticon 6 MK2 Floorstanding Speakers (single)

Extended-Frequency Floorstander with Hybrid Ribbon Tweeter
The slim, floorstanding OPTICON 6 MK2 is the entry point in the OPTICON MK2 series for the renowned DALI hybrid soft dome and ribbon tweeter.
The OPTICON 6 MK2 combines immense low frequency bandwidth, volume potential and dynamic accuracy with the extraordinary detail and clarity that arises from the use of a dedicated midrange driver. High frequencies from the hybrid tweeter are explicitly detailed and informative yet simultaneously smooth and endlessly listenable. Its extended low frequency profile that suits installation in large listening spaces with more distant room boundaries.
The manufacturing of the OPTICON 2 MK2 remains fully Danish - as with the MK1 series. Fully assembled at DALI's factory in Denmark - from components produced in-house or sourced from the best local specialist manufacturers and further afield.
Big sound with detailed high-end
The speaker's 1-1/8" soft-dome tweeter and custom-designed ribbon tweeter are mounted on a cast aluminum faceplate. The dome handles from around 2,000-14,000 Hz, while the ribbon starts contributing at around 10,000 and extends on up to the highest of highs. The speaker's wide dispersion pattern helps you enjoy clear, coherent sound, even when you're not sitting right in between a stereo pair.
The Opticon 6's dual 6-1/2" woofers feature a stiff, lightweight blend of fine-grain paper pulp reinforced with wood fibers. Both help to reproduce the bass frequencies, while one also covers the crucial midrange. DALI calls this arrangement of drivers a "2-1/2 + 1/2-way" system (the extra "half" is for the ribbon tweeter). The handoff between all drivers is handled by a carefully tuned crossover network built from low-loss components.
Patented distortion-reducing technology
The patented SMC (soft magnetic compound) woofer magnet pole pieces in DALI's Opticon line significantly reduce mechanical distortion, and help create a relaxed, uncolored midrange. You'll hear a surprising amount of detail, without fatiguing your ears.
Introduce yourself to Danish speaker mojo
DALI — Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries — has been making high-end speakers since 1983. The Opticon is their most affordable made-in-Denmark line, and we think it offers great bang for your buck. They're assembled in pairs by a single DALI technician, to ensure visual and acoustic matching. Tight vinyl-dressed, high-density MDF cabinets, with internal bracing and acoustic damping material throughout, all but eliminate resonance. This helps the speaker "disappear," and the music come alive.