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Control4 CORE3 Controller

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Control4 Core 3 Controller
Keep all the entertainment in your space under your care with the Control4 CORE 3 controller. This powerful streaming device does much more than let you watch shows on TV: it brings multi-room entertainment and powerful processing to homes and businesses. Here, it's all about speed. You'll never have to worry that the kitchen's speakers will be out of sync with the home theater in the basement thanks to the powerful multi-core processors. It's all thanks to OS 3: the high-powered operating system allows users to do multiple things at once, from using the intuitive 4K interface to managing audio (and more). Explore all the things you can do with Control4 Core 3.
Manage Everything, All From Your TV
The Control4 Core 3 is made to handle across-the-board entertainment, from next-gen speakers to virtual assistants. But the true magic comes with its versatility: manage multiple aspects of your smart home from here, like lighting, door locks, climate adjustment, AV and many other devices . You'll be able to connect to other devices by IP, Infrared, serial, ZigBee and ZeeWave for a system that's all completely in sync. That means you're doing more than just streaming shows or listening to music from services like Spotify: you're staying on top of your entire space, all at once.
  • New, updated multi-core processors allow CORE 3 to run OS 3 faster and more efficiently, with power to spare for new features and functionality currently in development
  • Four audio outputs—two stereo analog outputs, one digital audio output, and one HDMI—distribute up to four simultaneous, high-resolution audio streams from native streaming services, AirPlay-enabled devices, and local music libraries
  • Ryff high-resolution audio server built-in, with native support for popular streaming services including Qobuz, TIDAL, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, SOUNDMACHINE, TuneIn, and more
  • Elegant 4K on-screen interactive menu for easy access to entertainment sources, device control, scene selection, comfort settings, surveillance monitoring, and more
  • 1U, fan-less design features a heat-sink chassis and integrated power supply, for a simple, silent and reliable installation
  • PoE+ provides power and network connectivity over a single CAT5/CAT6 cable
  • Built-in two-port Ethernet switch simplifies installation by connecting an additional device to the local network
  • Included ears in the box to allow for mounting inside a rack
  • Optional mounting bracket allows easy mounting to the back of a TV, on the wall, or to a standard wall box
  • Integrated Zigbee and Zwave* radios with external antennas simplify installation while delivering reliable low-bandwidth communication for other smart/connected devices
  • USB port enables connection to external hard drives for easy access to music content, or use of a WI-FI dongle
  • Registration to enables access and control from multiple mobile devices through the Control4 App for Android and iOS – including Apple Watch – while connected to the local network
  • Active 4Sight subscription enables remote access with the Control4 App, Intercom Anywhere, Notifications, integration with Alexa and Google voice assistants, When>>Then access, and automatic cloud backups
  • Communication server built-in for audio/video intercom between Control4 touchscreens, Chime Video Doorbells and door stations
  • OvrC Pro built in for advanced remote management and monitoring, device and network configurations, and simplified troubleshooting solutions including the OvrC Connect app for customers