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Clearaudio Talisman V2.1 Gold Phono Cartridge

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Clearaudio has significantly improved the fully symmetrical MC design, first patented in 1980. It redesigned the generator in a revolutionary way by positioning and doubling the number of magnets (to eight) and using super neodymium, so the coils are operating in a much stronger magnetic field. Thus, efficiency has been raised by 30%, which results in an output of up to 0.9 mV.
The new Micro-HD Diamond tip provides a hybrid parabolic geometry with a stylus radius of 0.008 mm x 0.040 mm. The total mass (0.00016 g) is a fifth of the previous diamond stylus.
Cartridge body resonances, while tracking in the groove, are minimized through the twelve-finger design of the mounting plate, each finger with a different radius.
Talismann V2 Gold Details
A total update of this Ebony body cartridge, the new version uses the generator and cantilever/stylus of the Concerto v2. It comes with a two-year warranty.
Cartridge body: Hand-polished ebony wood with metal alloy internal resonance damping
Stylus: Micro HD
Cantilever: Boron
Coil: Fully symmetrical around pivot point, 24-Karat gold
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Output voltage: 0.5 mV
Compliance: 15 µ/mN
Channel Separation: 25-30 dB
Recommended Tracking Force: 2.8 g
Impedance: 50 ohm