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Classe Delta Pre Preamplifier with DAC

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CONDITION: Classe Delta Pre Preamplifier with DAC

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Experience Unparalleled Audio Excellence with Classé Delta PRE
Discover the epitome of sonic perfection with the Classé Delta PRE, the cornerstone of your ultimate audio system. Designed meticulously to connect with a plethora of sources, the Delta PRE promises to elevate your auditory experience, extracting the finest performance from both analog and digital recordings.
Features that Set Delta PRE Apart
Unmatched Fidelity
The Delta PRE is engineered to provide clean and controlled signals to the power stage, minimizing signal interference through short signal paths. Experience the luxury of a high-performance onboard MC/MM Phono stage that supports up to two phono inputs, coupled with rhodium-plated connectors ensuring excellent and secure contacts.
Superior Control
Trust the Delta Series to deliver a powerful, natural, and expansive sound with minimal noise or distortion. The Delta PRE offers advanced features like digital domain tone control with tilt control and support for mono or stereo subwoofers, allowing you to find your perfect sound level with 0.25dB volume step precision.
Exquisite Design
Indulge in the pure pleasure of interacting with the Delta PRE, a masterpiece that harmonizes minimal design with unrivaled performance. The luxurious anodized aluminum body houses a responsive touchscreen display, offering a seamless blend of analog clarity and advanced digital precision.
Technical Specifications
Overall Dimensions
Width 17.50 in (444 mm)
Depth (including connectors) 17.68 in (449 mm)
Height (including feet) 4.78 in (121 mm)
Gross Weight 41.2 lbs (18.7kg)
Net Weight 29.8 lbs (13.5kg)
Gain Range -93dB to +14dB
Channel Matching 0.05dB
Input Impedance (at 1kHz, BAL / SE) 50kΩ
Output Impedance BAL / SE 200Ω / 50Ω
Maximum Output Level BAL / SE 18Vrms / 9Vrms
Bypass Mode
Frequency Response (-3dB, 50Ω source impedance) 1Hz – 2MHz
Harmonic Distortion (measurement bandwidth: 90kHz) <0.0004% at 1kHz
Intermodulation Distortion (measurement bandwidth: 90kHz) <0.001%
Phono Section
RIAA Deviation (20Hz-20kHz) < 0.2dB
Selectable Load for MM Type (47k II) 50pF to 450pF
Selectable Load for MC – Low Output 7.5Ω to 1kΩ
Load for MC – High Output 47kΩ
Headphone Output
Power (nominal input. 0dB gain, 32 Ω load) 540mW
Output Impedance 6.8Ω
File Formats and Sample Rates Supported
USB-F 44.1k to 96k (iOS specific)
USB-B 32k to 384k, DSD64 to DSD256
Ethernet WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, WMA, AAC, MP3, OGG_VORBIS (max 192k/24b), DSD64 (DoP)
SPDIF (opt, coax, AES / EBU) PCM 32k to 192k / DSD64
Input / Output Complement
Analog In BAL / XLR 2 pairs
SE / RCA 2 pairs
Phono RCA 1 pair
Digital In HDMI (optional) 4 (HDMI 2.0b w/HDCP 2.2)
SPDIF Coaxial 3
SPDIF Optical 3
Ethernet 1
Outputs HDMI (optional) 1 (HDMI 2.0b w/HDCP 2.2)
BAL / XLR 5 (configurable)
SE / RCA 5 (configurable)
DC Triggers In / Out 2 sets
CAN Bus 1 set in / out
RS-232 over RJ-45 1