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Bryston BDA-3 External DAC

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CONDITION: Bryston BDA-3 External DAC



Bryston's new BDA-3N makes owning a high-performance Bryston DAC more attractive and affordable than ever. Among its many features is the ability to decode up to DSD-256 through its asynchronous USB inputs.
For maximum flexibility, the BDA-3N has six discrete inputs including asynchronous USB, AES/EBU, TOSLINK, and digital coax. It also includes Bryston's network module, which facilitates control via TCP/IP and RS-232 – a must for integration with modern smart home platforms. With the BDA-3N, music aficionados get the very best playback of high-resolution digital files including DSD.
The Bryston BDA-3N utilizes an advanced decoding chipset that can decode up to 384 kHz/32-bit PCM music and up to DSDx4 natively. Each format is processed in its native resolution, preserving absolute bit-perfect signals all the way to the analog outputs. Additionally, Bryston's ultra-precise re-clocking circuit reduces jitter to nearly immeasurable levels. Bryston's proprietary analog section is completely free of integrated circuits (ICs) that limit the bandwidth and dynamic range of so many competitive DACs.
Superior Sound Quality
Great sound quality starts at the BDA-3N's input. Each electrical input is transformer isolated to prevent ground noise from polluting the signal. PCM signals are then reclocked to virtually eliminate jitter. Because Bryston values accuracy above all, the BDA-3N processes all digital signals at their native rate. With the exception of user-selectable upsampling, the BDA-3N does not convert anything to another format or to another sample rate.
Signals drive a dual-mono pair of ultra-high-end DAC ICs. Each IC decodes one channel and operates in balanced mode to achieve the lowest crosstalk and highest dynamic range possible. From the digital chipsets, audio flows to Bryston's proprietary discrete operational amplifiers to provide the most linear, neutral, and clear output possible. Bryston never uses ICs in the analog signal path.
The two USB inputs are both asynchronous. This means that they control the flow of audio from your source component to eliminate the timing irregularities that can otherwise plague digital files streaming form your computer or other devices. Each input is fully USB Class 2 Audio compliant.
Highest Quality Connectivity
The BDA-3N's inputs are selected by individual front panel buttons. A digital signal streams data at over 1 million bits per second and requires a bandwidth of over 24 million Hertz for 384k / 32 bit PCM (cycles per second). At these high frequencies it is very important to maintain the quality of the signal by having the correct termination at the digital inputs. The BDA-3N provides for this termination in the best possible manner using high quality devices called impedance matching transformers.
Impedance matching transformers provide the optimal interface to the incoming source under all sorts of signal conditions. Lesser quality terminations will degrade the signal and cause increased jitter.
For integration with your other gear, including your home automation system, the BDA-3N boasts fully featured RS232 and TCP/IP control protocols plus IR.
Audiophile Power Supply
The quality of power in an audiophile class piece of equipment is imperative for superb performance. The BDA-3N uses two independent power supplies. Each stage in the digital chain is also independently regulated to prevent any interactions and to provide rock solid power supplies for any up-sampling/over-sampling process. The DAC chips also require a very clean digital power supply if they are to function at optimum levels.
The DACs requires a high quality analog power source, too. The analog signal is at its lowest magnitude coming in and going out of the DAC, so any added noise or distortion will be greatly amplified by later stages. Again a separate, heavily regulated and filtered power supply with carefully routed grounds is provided. This sort of care with the power supplies is one of the reasons for the superior sound of the BDA-3N.
Discrete 'Class A' Analog Stage
Getting the digital side of the equation correct is only the start. Once the signal leaves the DAC, it is buffered and increased in strength by operational amplifiers. In the Bryston BDA-3N, the op-amps are constructed from only discrete devices (individual transistors, resistors, and capacitors) instead of the commonly used integrated circuits. The use of discrete devices allows the design of a circuit that exactly matches the needs of the DAC.
More importantly, the use of discrete operational amplifiers lets us design extremely low distortion and highly optimized output sections using carefully chosen components in an ideal circuit layout to prevent noise, preserve wide bandwidth and exceptional linearity regardless of partnering preamplifier.
The BDA-3N is available with 17"-wide or 19"-wide dress panels in black or silver finish. Bryston's outstanding warranty on all digital audio products testifies to the superior build quality.