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Bryston BP-17 Cubed Preamplifier

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CONDITION: Bryston BP-17 Cubed Preamplifier



The Bryston BP17³ is the first component from Bryston to use our patented low distortion Salomie circuit at both the input and output stage. This new technology is remarkable in its ability to render even miniscule details with breathtaking clarity and lifelike scale. As a fully featured preamp, the BP-17³ is the centerpiece of your stereo. Balanced and single ended analog inputs can be used with virtually any source component. High resolution DAC and moving magnet phono options are also available.
Bryston’s patented super-linear, low noise input buffer jointly developed by Bryston and the late Ph.D. engineer Dr. Ioan Alexandru Salomie significantly reduces noise and distortion. The BP-17³ also has improved RF and audio frequency noise filtering to prevent unwanted anomalies on the power line from interfering even minutely with the audio signal.
Expanded Input and Output Options
The BP-17³ offers expanded input/output options, including two pairs of XLR outputs and two pairs of RCA outputs, making it possible to connect a wide variety of equipment and accommodate numerous system configurations. An RCA tape loop lets users connect a line-level processor or recording device, and one of the XLR output pairs can be internally selected to have either variable (default) or fixed output, enabling users to easily connect a Bryston BHA-1 or other balanced input headphone amplifier.
The BP-17³ also includes two pairs of balanced inputs and five pair RCA inputs, and can be ordered with a high-resolution internal DAC, a premium moving magnet phono stage, both DAC and phono modules or without either module installed. Users can select sources, adjust volume and more all from the optional BR-2 remote control or via RS232 connection to virtually any control ecosystem.
Ultimate Quality
Bryston applies techniques and employs custom materials in its everyday manufacturing of electronic equipment that are more typically utilized by the military and aerospace industries. Such techniques ensure unit-to-unit consistency that is vastly superior to mass production. Bryston's adherence to the use of proprietary parts, sophisticated construction, and refined testing techniques guarantees superb performance and long-term product reliability.
Bryston's 20-Year Warranty
In a world where most things seem to need frequent upgrading, repair, or replacement, Bryston offers a comprehensive, unconditional, and fully transferable warranty on every audio product its makes. The company's 20-year amplifier warranty and five-year digital circuit warranty drives it in a different direction from the typical manufacturer.
How can Bryston do it? The answer would quickly become apparent if you were to tour Bryston’s plant in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. State-of-the-art design facilities, with the latest CAD and circuit simulation software, and an inventory of some of the best and most reliable parts on the planet, combine with a manufacturing philosophy that eschews the artifacts of mass production, like robots, moving assembly lines, and, frankly, shortcuts. Every Bryston audio component is handcrafted by people who take great pride in building the very best.
Rigorous Inspection and Testing
Bryston doesn't skimp on testing or rush its products through some last-minute go no-go check. At every stage individual parts, completed circuit boards, sub-assemblies, and final assemblies are all put through rigorous inspection and testing procedures.
  • Balanced and single ended inputs and outputs
  • Fully discrete Class A analog circuitry
  • The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers
  • XLR pair configurable as variable or fixed output (compatibility with the BHA-1)
  • Independent power supply and ground paths for analog and digital circuits.
  • Relay switching on all inputs
  • Programmable pass through feature
  • Software control and balanced action volume control
  • DAC and phono stage options
  • Includes BR-4 remote
  • Inputs: 2x Balanced Pairs (XLR), 4x Single Ended Pairs (RCA) Outputs: 2x Balanced Pairs (XLR), 2x Single Ended Pairs (RCA
  • Tape Loop)
  • Control: RS-232 (DB9), IR