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Bowers & Wilkins DB4S (rosenut)

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The DB4S houses a 10" woofer driven by a 1,000 watt amp — all from a sub enclosure that measures a little more than a foot per side
The woofer uses the same highly acclaimed  driver material found in Bowers & Wilkins' 800 Series Diamond speakers (world-class floor-standing speakers that sell for $38,000 a pair). 
This light, ultra-stiff driver resists bending and flexing far more than conventional cones for incredibly deep and accurate bass with music and movie soundtracks. 
Precise and powerful 
This sub can provide delicate low-frequency details, as well as tirelessly pound out deep bass at high output levels with next to no distortion. It can shake the house, certainly. But this sub's forté is creating lifelike bass with precision and control — all the way down to a staggeringly low 10 Hz.

Tailor the sound to your room
The DB4S is set up and controlled entirely from the Bowers & Wilkins DB Subwoofers app. Using your tablet or smartphone's microphone, the app takes bass measurements to find acoustic irregularities and automatically applies correction.
The result? Smooth, well-balanced bass that's tailored to your specific room, furnishings, and audio system. A friendly heads-up: there are no sound controls on this sub — all adjustments are made via the app.
A rich history of audio excellence
Founded in England in the 1960s, Bowers & Wilkins is known worldwide for their innovative hi-fi speaker designs and their premium headphones. Crutchfield is proud to offer a diverse selection of products from this legendary audio brand.