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Bowers & Wilkins 606 S3 (pair)

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For the love of music.
The 606 S3 stand-mount speaker provides the ideal combination of size and performance. It combines our all-new Titanium Dome™ tweeter with the powerful accuracy and transparency of our acclaimed Continuum™ bass/midrange cone. Taking the awardwinning 606 formula and evolving it, the 606 S3 is now even more appealing to even more music lovers.
  • Inspired by engineering excellence
    600 Series uses a wealth of state-of-the-art technologies derived from our award-winning 800 Series Diamond range to provide a best-in-class audio experience.
  • For the love of music
    600 Series is bought by music lovers, film fans, dedicated audiophiles, youthful vinyl devotees and even older buyers on a budget. In short, anyone and everyone who loves music.
  • Built from heritage
    The new 600 Series is the latest iteration of one of our longest-running, most highly regarded and most successful loudspeaker ranges.
  • A speaker to solve every need
    Available in a compact bookshelf, powerful standmount, room-filling floorstander and a crystal-clear centre channel. The 600 Series has a model to cater to every customer need for both stereo and home theatre use.
  • Continuum cone
    Thanks to its composite construction, the Continuum™ cone avoids the abrupt transitions in behaviour that can impair the performance of a conventional drive unit. The result is a more open, neutral performance that delivers voices and instruments with precision and transparency.
  • Titanium Dome tweeter
    The 600 Series features our all-new Titanium Dome™ tweeter technology, which combines exceptional resolution and insight with smooth, refined highfrequency reproduction. The result? An accurate and immersive insight into your favourite music.
  • New tweeter grille mesh
    The 600 Series introduces our new and even more acoustically transparent tweeter grille mesh, first developed for our revered Signature models. Alongside the new Titanium Dome™ tweeter, the result is exceptional resolution and realism.
  • Upgraded speaker terminals
    Derived from those recently introduced in our 700 Series range, the speaker terminals on the new 600 Series feature an improved layout and a cleaner signal path between your amplifier and your loudspeakers.
  • 606 S3
    The 606 S3 bookshelf speaker is ideal for enjoying high-performance audio in smaller spaces.
  • Acoustic transparency
    An even more acoustically transparent tweeter grille mesh, first developed for our Signature models.
  • Purity and precision
    Voices and instruments are delivered with purity and precision, thanks to the accurate Continuum cone.
  • Exceptional resolution
    An all-new Titanium Dome tweeter provides exceptional resolution with smooth, refined high-frequency reproduction.
  • Exquisite finishes
    600 Series comes with the choice of three exquisite finishes: Black, White and Oak.
Product highlights:
  • 2-way design
  • 1" Decoupled Double Dome titanium tweeter
  • 6-1/2" Continuum™ cone FST (Fixed Suspension Transducer) midrange/bass driver
  • bass-reflex cabinet with rear-firing Flowport™
  • frequency response: 52-28,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • sensitivity: 88 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • recommended amplifier power: 30-120 watts
  • dual binding post speaker terminals allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
  • optimized crossover design including upgraded capacitors
  • acoustically transparent, removable magnetic grille
Dimensions and warranty:
  • 7-1/2"W x 13-11/16"H x 12-15/16"D (including grille and terminals)
  • weight: 15.5 lbs. (each)
  • warranty: 5 years