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Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) 801D4 Signature (pair)

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801 D4 Signature
The 801 D4 Signature is an optimized version of our most advanced loudspeaker. It features meticulously evolved technology, carefully crafted design and unique finishes that culminate in the pinnacle of performance. This is Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Signature flagship loudspeaker.




Key Features

  • 1" Diamond Dome Tweeter
  • Solid body Tweeter-on-Top
  • 6" Continuum™ FST Midrange
  • Turbine™ Head
  • Biomimetic Suspension
  • 2x 10" Aerofoil™ cone bass units
  • Matrix™
  • Flowport

Signature Technology
As with preceding generations of Signature, both 805 D4 Signature ​and 801 D4 Signature employ a series of carefully engineered ​audio upgrades designed to deliver the best possible sound.​

These changes take in structural modifications designed to​ improve mechanical behavior and acoustic transparency, drive unit enhancements aimed at delivering even greater resolution and crossover upgrades that ensure fully optimized performance from the complete system.​

None of these components will be made available for ‘retro-fit’ ​ to current products or incorporated as a running change into ​existing 800 Series Diamond products.


Aluminum Top-Plate
A new aluminum top plate features a series of machined-out holes in the structure, strategically positioned to change the resonant frequency of the aluminum.​



Damping Collar for 801 D4 Signature
The aluminum top-plate in 801 D4 Signature is paired with a new design of leather-trimmed plastic ‘collar’ that slots into the aluminum top-plate.​

The collar contains strategically positioned wedges of Techsound ​damping material.​

The revised aluminum top-plate and the new damping material on the collar combine to improve the mechanical behavior of the structure around the critically important area of the top of the cabinet.​

This results in even lower mechanical noise and as a result, a less audible cabinet contribution effect.


New Tweeter Grille Mesh
Both models introduce a new design of tweeter grille mesh. ​The new grille mesh offers ​a carefully optimized combination of stiffness – necessary to protect the fragile dome from unwanted damage – and openness.​

The new design is more open than ever, which enhances both ​resolution and spaciousness. The orientation of the structure is specific and engineered to ensure the best results.​

We had over 25 iterations in the development process of this new design!


New Bass Unit for 801 D4 Signature and New Mid/Bass for 805 D4 Signature
In 801 D4 Signature, 10-inch low-frequency unit has been ​re-engineered to deliver even lower distortion.​

We take the same approach with the mid/bass drive unit on 805 D4 Signature, which also features an upgraded pole on the magnet plus ​a larger vent hole for improved current distortion.


New Aluminum Port for 801 D4 Signature
In a standard model, the Flowport flare is plastic: in 801 D4 Signature, it is replaced with cast aluminum.​​ This tightens up the bass response and improves the leading edges of bass notes.​


Upgraded Crossovers
Both 801 Signature and 805 Signature feature upgraded bypass capacitors. These are also doubled-up in quantity across the boards. The result is an even cleaner sound.



Upgrades from standard model include: New Aluminum Top Pate, Damping Collar, Redesigned Tweeter Mesh, New Bass Unit, New Aluminum Port, Upgraded crossovers.