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Aurender N200 Streamer / Music Server

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CONDITION: Aurender N200 Streamer / Music Server

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Powerful, sleek, and versatile, the Aurender N200 music server/streamer combines exceptional performance, an extensive feature set, and cutting-edge technology to give discerning music lovers remarkable high-resolution audio experiences. Able to process DSD512 and up to 384kHz PCM, the cache-based playback of N200 renders musical nuances, dynamics, and tones with full, rich detail. A 6.9” full-color IPS LCD screen that displays album artwork and track information; rear-panel trays that can accommodate dual 2.5″ HDDs or SSDs; and the opportunity to add an optional MQA Core Decoder through the Aurender app add to its comprehensive ability.
Inside, the 19.8-pound N200 boasts an all-new, low-power, Intel quad-core processor, a low-noise fully linear power supply, and an advanced memory system. Also onboard: Audio Class 2.0 USB and coaxial digital outputs, a double-isolated Gigabit Ethernet port, and super-capacitor-based uninterrupted power supply (UPS). You'll take command of everything you hear by way of the award-winning Aurender Conductor app.
All of the other Aurender hallmarks — closed-system software integration, Critical Listening Mode, support for all major formats, remote Internet technical support — also come with N200.
Innovative Technology
N200 incorporates technology derived from other Aurender best-in-class models. For example, the solid-state 240GB NVMe caching drive for playback eliminates latency and the potential of drop-outs often associated with using IT storage devices like NAS and USB drives for music playback. The dedicated high-performance Audio 2.0 USB digital audio output and SPDIF coaxial feature ultra-low-noise power circuitry to deliver a pristine digital stream to the connected DAC. 
Copying Content
Loading music into the N200 is simple and easy. You can choose between two simple methods, depending upon where your digital music library currently resides — direct from a USB storage device or over the network from a NAS.
Aurender Conductor App Gives You Full Control
The Aurender Conductor App turns an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet into a versatile user interface for any Aurender music server/player. All functions, preferences, and behaviors of the component can be easily accessed and customized through the Settings menu. The app comes with extensive features to make it super-simple to manage, view, and play your high-res music collection or access a streaming service.
Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for Network Connectivity
For network connectivity, streaming, upgrades, and file transfers, N200 has a gigabit Ethernet port along with two USB 2.0 data ports for copying files from a USB HDD or USB thumb drive.
USB HDD and NAS Support
The best sonic quality occurs when music is stored on N200’s internal storage. However, the Aurender platform is also capable of seamlessly integrating content stored on a NAS or external USB hard drive.
Network Streaming with Solid-State Drive Cache Playback
After a song or album is selected from the Aurender Conductor App, that specific music is cached to the 240GB NVMe SSD from the internal drive. N200 will then play back directly from the SSD. This minimizes wear and tear on the drives because after loading to the caching drive, the storage drive(s) goes idle. Additionally, by caching songs to the Solid-State Drive (SDD) for playback, it eliminates any sound-quality degradation (including dropouts) due to a non-optimal network connection from, for example, a NAS drive.
High-Quality SPDIF Digital Audio Output
SPDIF audio outputs differ from asynchronous (USB) outputs in that the clocking is done from within the server, as opposed to the DAC. Which is best? Try them in the context of your system to know. However, there are many excellent legacy DACs manufactured before USB existed, and if you have one of those, then the SPDIF RCA coax may be your only connectivity option.
Linear Power Supply
A full-linear power supply provides clean and stable power to the CPU and audio output circuitry. Linear supplies are renowned for their ability to deliver a wide dynamic range capability, deep and powerful low-frequency response, and a wide, deep soundstage.
MQA Core Decoder (Optional)
Aurender’s MQA Core Decoder — an optional in-app purchase upgrade — enables the first unfold to play MQA files through a non-MQA certified DAC at up to 88.2kHz or 96kHz. The Core Decode upgrade can also deliver the first unfold to MQA certified DACs requiring it so the DAC can perform the final rendering.
Remote Technical Support
In the unlikely event you need technical support, you can get it right from the Aurender Conductor App. Sending a Remote Support Request from the app allows engineers to quickly diagnose and correct problems over the Internet.