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Aurender ACS10 Music Server / Streamer / CD Ripper

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CONDITION: Aurender ACS10 Music Server / Streamer / CD Ripper



Designed and developed to eliminate the reliance upon computers and other IT products in your digital audio system, the Aurender Content Server (ACS10) unifies the activities of CD ripping, Network Attached Storage (with RAID mirroring), and advanced library management/metadata editing with exceptional USB audio output.
Not only does ACS10 excel as a stand-alone Digital Transport with the same filtered & isolated USB
audio output found on the most high-end Aurender models, the included ACS Manager companion app incorporates advanced library management utilities right from your iPad or Android tablet.
A TEAC CD-ROM drive and ACS's reference quality CD Ripping engine authors the best sounding files from your CDs in your choice of FLAC, WAV or AIFF codecs. Metadata is automatically retrieved and fully editable if desired.
Music collectors with massive libraries or more than one high-end system in the home will appreciate ACS10 as a Central Server Hub for other Aurender players. Connectivity is accomplished over the network, allowing the ACS10 to be conveniently located in your main audio system or in a separate location.
The Aurender ACS10 is a highly capable music server and streamer with built-in CD ripper plus internal HD storage capabilities up to a huge 24 TB. This versatile component was developed to eliminate the reliance upon computers and other IT products for the management of digital music file libraries.
Its primary functions are exactly what audiophiles want and need for supporting and managing a file-based media audio playback system. These many functions are consolidated within the ACS10’s architecture, but despite the powerful functionality, great attention has been given to keeping operation pleasurably simple and straightforward.
Additionally, the Aurender ACS10 can also be used as a music server/streamer when you mate it with your own USB DAC. Or use it as a companion to an existing Aurender music server, allowing it to greatly expand its features, functions, and flexibility. For Aurender users who desire CD ripping, expanded library storage, backup, and meta-tag editing, the ACS10 is your ideal companion.
  • One-Touch CD Ripping

    If you have a large library of CDs that you are itching into convert to digital files, the ACS10 is exactly what you need. Well equipped with a tray-loading, industrial-grade CD-ROM drive, the ACS10 will rip your CD to your choice of FLAC, WAV, MP4, or AIFF codecs for playback after conversion. The easy one-touch CD ripping also provides meta-data and cover art retrieval with a unique user determined target folder depository feature. AccurateRip™ technology is supported for 100% error-free rips. Additionally, the ACS10 provides software support for Acronova “Nimbie” AudioLoader for automated CD ripping.

    Nimble Networking Capabilities

    The ACS10's high-performance USB Audio Class 2.0 output allows it to function as a powerful and nimble music server/ streamer when connected to an external DAC. Three LAN Ports (one double isolated, two isolated) allow connection to a router, to an Aurender music server, or to daisy-chain another ACS10. The three USB ports consist of one USB 2.0 on front panel plus one Audio USB and one USB 3.0 on the rear panel.

    Sampling rates include PCM up to 786kHz/32-bit, DSD up to 256 DoP, and Native DSD up to 512. Optional MQA Core software is available through in-app purchase using the integrated Aurender Conductor app.

    File Management

    Media files and streaming content is managed using the integrated Aurender Conductor App. Also included is integrated app support for Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, and other online services (availability is determined by the country offering service).

    Library syncing and duplicate file removal can be done when an existing Aurender server library is copied into the ACS10 while running the SmartCollect program. If new content is added to the Aurender, SmartCollect needs to be initiated to sync to the ACS10 (this is a manually initiated action, not automatic).

    Huge Internal File Storage

    You get a huge amount of onboard file storage with the ASC10. File storage if provided on dual 3.5” HDD’s with a total of up to 24TB. You can specify the ACS10 in the following factory fitted configurations: with 4TB x 2 onboard storage (8TB total), 8TB x 2 onboard storage (16TB total), or 12TB onboard storage (24TB total). User configurable HDD backup options allow you to choose between RAID 1 mirroring or the total storage capacity of both HDDs (factory set to RAID 1).