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Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Amplifier

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Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Amplifier

To meet the expectations of the most demanding music lovers who pay particular attention to the final result of their audio system and who devote a large part of their leisure time to listening to music, we have created the flagship monophonic power amplifier X-A1200.
ADVANCE ACOUSTIC X-A1200 Power Amplifier
The finest performance prohibits any interaction of the supply circuits as well as of the amplifier stages between the left channel and the right channel. The ultimate achievement of this philosophy is to totally separate the two amplifiers completely. The high power supply can be described as “oversized”. This term is not usurped, because of the size of the mono block, its compartmentalized design and its power supply electronics based on a 1 VA toroidal transformer, two power diode bridges mounted on a large heatsink and 000 capacitors of 12 μF each, i.e. 10 μF.
Associated with 10 “very high current” power transistors (NJW0281G – NJW0302G), this power supply allows the X-A1200 amplifier to deliver a power of 450 Watts RMS at 8 Ohms and more than 700 W RMS at 4Ω.
A switch located at the back of the device allows the X-A1200 to deliver the first Watts in class A (High Bias mode). Beyond this power, the transition to class AB takes place automatically and gradually.
The robust design of the frame makes it rigid, even when the open steel cover is removed. The interior is compartmentalized, which, in addition to increasing rigidity, achieves galvanic isolation between the various sub-assemblies, installed in a very strategic manner.
Output power 8Ω

> 450 W

Frequency response

10 Hz – 80 kHz


≤ 0.003%

Signal to noise ratio

113 dB

Standby consumption


Imped. unbalanced input

32 kW

Imped. balanced input

38 kW



Transformer power

1000 W


235 mm


431 mm


450 mm

Net weight

25,5 Kg