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Advance Paris A10 Classic Integrated Amplifier

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Advance Paris A10 Classic Integrated Amplifier

With our new A10 CLASSIC amplifier, our goal was to offer an audiophile integrated amplifier inspired by the famous X-i1100, hailed for its musicality and liveliness.
The A10 is fully future-proof and easy to use. Although its classic design remains timeless, it combines an ECC81/12AT7 tube preamplifier with a 2x130W class AB push-pull amplifier.
In short, the best of both worlds!
Modernity is also displayed thanks to a microprocessor which manages all the functions called up by the encoder wheel, a long or short press gives access to the menus.

We can scroll through the inputs: 6 analog on RCA with an MM phono with three capacity settings (100, 200, 320 pf), a balanced line on XLR, 5 digital including 3 optical, an S / PDIF and an audio USB, plus a connector for an aptX XFTB01 or XFTB02 bluetooth receiver (optional).
A USB-A socket accepts MP3 audio files from a walkman or USB key. Originality: two HDMI sockets, including one for a DVD in order to benefit from the audio signal quality of the A10 and an HDMI ARC to connect a CEC protocol screen, can be activated in the system configuration menu.
Here are also shown information on the system, the selection of loudspeakers (A, B or A+B), the setting of loudness, bass, treble or bypass, the auto standby (or not) spread out from 5 to 90 mins.
The trigger In/Out input controls the switching on and off of the A10 remotely, or from it to another device connected by the minijacks.
The A10 offers the option of connecting two subwoofers and outputting the modulation separately to the preamp or amplifier.
A fixed Rec Out output is intended for a cassette player, MD or other type recorder.
At the rear, the High Bias switch activates Class A bias on the first few watts of the power stage.
The A10 wins all the votes, even being able to show it to much more ambitious and expensive than him.
A great success in perspective!