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LSA Signature 80 Reference Monitor speakers (pair)--USED

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LSA Signature 80

Just in on trade!  Very good condition.  Will ship in original factory packaging.

At first glance, the LSA Signature 80 shows itself as a reasonably compact two-way stand-mount monitor speaker, rising up just shy of 16” in height. A closer examination, however, indicates that there’s quite a bit going on with this design. First off, one can’t help but notice and admire the gorgeous rosewood veneer, which has been expertly applied to the point that seams are more or less invisible. The speaker gives the appearance of having been sculpted out of a single piece of hardwood, as opposed to what it actually is.

The drivers consist of a 7” aluminum cone woofer and a 3” planar magnetic tweeter, both sourced from China. It’s worth noting here to purists who may care, that the entirety of the speaker components (cabinet included) come from China, but the final products are assembled and tested in the USA. Spy balloons and icy relations not withstanding, I have to admit that the guys in the Far East have gotten pretty good at producing such high-tolerance components at realistic cost. And that’s the bugaboo of our modern economy: if the same bits and bobs were sourced from here in the States, the speaker would necessarily cost twice as much.

Around back are a standard port and a pair of really cool looking carbon fiber binding posts.
Sensitivity is given as a moderate 86.5 dB, with a frequency response of 35 Hz (-6 dB) to 25 kHz (-3 dB) and a crossover point of 3500 Hz. Average impedance is an amp-friendly 10 ohms.

LSA Signature 80: Parting Shots

As I implied in my introduction, my time with LSA’s now discontinued full-range Statement 20
floor-standers piqued my curiosity about the much more compact LSA Signature 80 monitors. Now that I’ve done my time with the Signature 80s, I think I like them even better than the Statement 20s, given my listening preferences and room size. They are a much simpler design, and there’s a lot to be said for that in terms of being able to deliver the goods.

Besides sounding a lot larger than they actually are, the LSA Signature 80’s biggest strength was its ability to convey the “melody,” or, what I’m thinking of as the “emotional colors” of a composition. When a speaker can connect with the listener in such a way, I’d call that a win-win situation. Couple that level of performance and listening enjoyment with the stunning good looks of the speaker (I could hardly stop staring at the Signature 80s during some of my listening sessions), and you’ve got the whole package.

Hopefully, products such as these can help a new generation of listeners become true high-end audio enthusiasts. In this case, the price of admission certainly doesn’t seem like a good excuse not to!


Bookshelf Speaker


2-way ported


30 – 150 Watts


35 Hz – 25 kHz


3500 Hz


86.5 dB at 2.83 Vrms and 1 m


7″ aluminum cone


3” planar ribbon


10 ohms


9.1″ x 15.75″ x 12″


22 lbs each