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A look into the best Audiophile Music Streamers !

When it comes to finding the right music server to fit your needs you can rely on Audio Solutions to give you the Knowledge to understand their features, sound quality and the most important question “ does the app work well”… In all honesty , if the app is horrible to navigate and understand for the end user , then the experience is just plain frustrating !!  So, Let us break down the best audiophile streamers on the market ! 

Let’s start with one of Audio Solutions fan favorites ! 
 Esoteric N01-XD weighs in at a whooping 64lbs! It boast 4 separate power supply’s and delivers one of the most user friendly and feature rich app’s to navigate your music collection . Easy to make playlist and integrates with Tidal , QuBuzz and Spotify ! It’s 64 bit ladder DAC delivers one of the most musical designs and Wow’s customers with excellent Japanese build quality !

The next Audio Solution’s fan favorite comes from Lumin Audio . They have had years of delivery exceptional Music Streamers ! Now the Lumin X-1 is the champ to beat . Designed with an outboard power supply to reduce the noise from effecting the sound quality and an all aluminum extruded chassis .. The Lumin punches above its weight class . Spectacular with its air and spaciousness this streamer has some of the best sound stage we have ever heard ! Excellent in the placement of the instruments and deep with layers of the stage .. a must listen too ! 

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