Turntable Set Up Is IMPORTANT ! See WHY !

Turntable set up is IMPORTANT ! See WHY !
3 Technique's to MAXIMIZE you're Turntable RIG If you didn't spend a good amount of time on your Turntable set up then we need to start at the beginning so we can maximize the performance of your Turntable.. If you think it sounds good now these next set up tips from&nb...

We Do Custom Install And Home Theater System's

We do custom install and home theater system's
A How to guide on soundproofing BIG or small rooms    We do the best Home theater systems around ....

Maximise Your Audio With These TIP's

Maximise your Audio with these TIP's
Get the BEST out of any speaker with these Set Up TIP"S !!...

Whats The Best Loud Speaker Under 20K For Music And Home Theater

Whats The Best Loud Speaker under 20K for Music and Home Theater
Here we take a look at a few of the Best Speakers on the market today for HiFi music or Home Theater playback ! Audio Solutions has your solutions to your speaker problems.. We have them all in stock to listen to so you know exactly what they sound like and can compare multiple speakers in our ...
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